Beginners Guide to Playing Online Slots


In the past couple of years there has been an explosion in the popularity of online casino games, in particular online slot games which have took a hold with gamers old and young. It’s easy to see why too as they’re fun, fast-paced and not nearly as confusing as games like poker and blackjack.

If you’re new to online slot games though there are a couple of things you need to know before you start spinning the reels. In this article we’ve put all of them together and more so that you’ll know your way around every online slot game that you find.

Read on to find out everything you need to know as a novice online slots player.

Finding a Provider

Due to the popularity of online gaming, there are literally thousands of online casino companies to choose from. Whilst variety is often a good thing, that level of choice can be crippling, especially when it comes to a new player.

To start out with we’d recommend using one of the bigger name companies with a proven track record of customer service. Not only can you trust these companies but they will have the biggest collection of slots and will most likely offer you a nice welcome bonus.

Once you’ve become more seasoned with your slots and built up a list of preferences, you can then start shopping around to find a provider that suits your tastes and gaming habits.

Understanding RTP

Odds, that’s all you ever here when it comes to casino gaming but where slots are concerned the phrase that you want to be keeping an eye out for is ‘Return to Player %’. This is of great importance to everyone who plays an online slot as it tells you how much money on average you can expect to return from your gaming session, or to put it another way, how much an evening spent spinning the reels will cost.

To cover it quickly and in an easy to understand way, let’s use the following example:

You log onto your favourite online slots site and click on the first game that takes your eye. It’s an Irish themed racing slot and in the information section it tells you that the RTP is 96%. You decide to wager £1 a spin and, over the course of the next couple of hours you make a hundred spins.

On one spin you might win nothing, on another some free spins and then, on the rare few you might win £5 or £10. On average at the end of your evening’s spinning you should have only be down by £4. Your total wager will stand at £100 but the money returned to you from playing will be £96.

Now this RTP isn’t a hard and fast rule that is followed every single time, it’s only an average but it does give you an indicator of how much money you stand to spend on an average gaming session. Of course there will be nights where this figure is much higher and much lower, but if you play the same game it will average out at that RTP figure.

Debunking the Skill Myth

You might have clicked on this article hoping to find a detailed breakdown of various strategies that can make you money on a consistent basis. If you did you’re going to be disappointed as there are no strategies that can make you money on slots.

Slots are random, which is all a part of their allure. You can win nothing one night and then hit the jackpot the next. You could log onto a slot that always seems to pay out and get nothing and then win the jackpot on a notoriously stingy one.

Whilst the inability to game the system might be disappointing to some, it is the reason why slots are so popular. There’s no understanding of complex mathematical equations required to play online slots and win big because they are the ultimate casual game and winning comes down to chance and nothing else.

In Summary

All you need to enjoy online slots is a trustworthy provider and a decent internet connection. Everything else is just unnecessary, so sit back, spin the reels and let yourself totally relax.

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