Best Cities to Live in Florida (2023) – Everything You Need to Know

Florida, the Sunshine State, beckons many with its vibrant allure, promising a unique blend of sunshine, culture, and economic opportunities. People often find themselves exploring the best cities to live in Florida, eager to embrace the tropical charm and exceptional lifestyle these places offer. With a diverse range of cities, Florida has consistently been a top choice for those looking to relocate.

In 2023, the best cities to live in Florida continue to impress, boasting excellent amenities, thriving job markets, and dynamic cultures. Whether you’re a retiree seeking a tranquil coastal town, a young professional looking for a bustling city life, or a family eager to lay down roots, the best cities to live in Florida offer something for everyone. This comprehensive guide takes a deep dive into affordable Florida’s cities, providing crucial insights that can help you make an informed decision. So let’s explore what the best cities to live in Florida in 2023 have to offer!

Why Choose Florida?


There’s no denying that Florida’s climate plays a significant role in attracting newcomers. With an average of 230 sunny days per year, it’s perfect for anyone seeking year-round warmth and sun. Florida is all about outdoor living, and the climate supports just that.

Cost of Living

One of the major factors when considering a move is the cost of living. Luckily, Florida’s cost of living is below the national average, which is a huge draw. There’s no state income tax, and housing is generally less expensive compared to other parts of the U.S.

Lifestyle and Recreation

Recreational opportunities in Florida are boundless. From pristine beaches to world-renowned theme parks and natural springs, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, the state is known for its multicultural food scene and thriving arts and music culture.

Top Cities to Live in Florida (2023)


Famed for its theme parks, Orlando has more to offer than just entertainment.


Housing in Orlando is relatively affordable, with diverse options ranging from suburban single-family homes to urban condos. You can find something that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Job Market

Orlando’s job market is thriving. It’s home to a strong technology industry, renowned healthcare institutions, and a booming tourism sector, creating diverse opportunities for job seekers.


Beyond the world-class theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando boasts a vibrant downtown with an array of restaurants, shops, and cultural venues. There’s always something exciting happening in this city.


Orlando is a great place for families, with its many public and private schools, colleges, and universities. The University of Central Florida is one of the largest universities by enrollment in the U.S.


Famed for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches, Miami is a city that never sleeps.


Miami offers a diverse housing market. Whether you’re looking for a luxury condo with ocean views, a trendy apartment in a vibrant neighborhood, or a family-friendly suburb, there’s something for everyone.

Job Market

Miami’s job market is strong and diverse, with key industries including finance, international trade, tourism, and entertainment. It’s also known for its startup culture, attracting many entrepreneurs.


Miami is packed with attractions, from the bustling Miami Beach to the historic Art Deco district. Plus, the food, music, and cultural festivals add to its charm.


Miami is home to several top-rated schools and universities, including the University of Miami, making it a fantastic place for families.


Tampa is a cosmopolitan city with a small-town feel, located on Florida’s west coast.


Tampa offers a mix of affordable Florida housing options, from waterfront condos to historic homes. Plus, it’s generally more affordable than other Florida cities, providing excellent value for money.

Job Market

Tampa’s job market is robust, with strengths in healthcare, finance, and technology. The city is also a significant player in the defense and security industry.


Tampa’s attractions range from the Busch Gardens theme park to the historic Ybor City neighborhood. The city also boasts a vibrant food scene and various cultural and sporting events.


With several highly ranked schools and universities like the University of South Florida, Tampa is ideal for families and students.

Tips for Moving to Florida

Moving to Florida can be a daunting experience. Prepare yourself by researching the housing market, understanding the cost of living, and becoming familiar with the local culture and lifestyle. A visit before the move can help you get a feel for your new city.

Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

Some of the cheapest places to live in Florida include:

  • Kissimmee: Located in Central Florida, Kissimmee is known for its affordability, with lower housing costs than the national average.
  • Palm Coast: Situated on the eastern coast of Florida, Palm Coast is a relatively inexpensive place to live, with a cost of living lower than the national average. Check out our article, Resort – Palm Coast Florida, to know more about Palm Coast.
  • Cape Coral: This city in Southwest Florida, known for its many waterways, has a cost of living that is slightly lower than the national average.
  • Pensacola: Located in the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola offers lower housing costs and a cost of living that is below the national average.
  • Gainesville: Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville has a cost of living below the national average, in part due to the presence of the student population.


Choosing between the best cities to live in Florida is a delightful dilemma to have. Each city, with its unique charm and offerings, stands as a testament to the versatile appeal of the Sunshine State. Be it the thrilling nightlife of Miami, the family-oriented recreational facilities of Orlando, or the laid-back charm of Tampa, Florida continues to offer varied experiences within its bounds. These cities, amongst the best to live in Florida, indeed provide a vibrant array of options for potential residents in 2023.

To make the most of these options, it’s essential to assess your lifestyle preferences, job opportunities, housing requirements, and more. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best fishing charters in Tampa, a culture vulture, a professional seeking growth, or a family yearning for a nurturing community, you’re bound to find your haven among the best cities to live in Florida. The key is to take the leap and embrace the Floridian lifestyle that awaits. Reach out to Robinson Relocations for expert guidance on making a smooth transition to one of the best cities to live in Florida. Trust them, 2023 could be the year you find your paradise in the Sunshine State.