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If you’ve spent any time online, you’re probably familiar with the process of entering your email address to register for a new account or app, or to make a purchase. However, that seemingly innocent action can result in unwanted spam, targeted advertisements, and the exposure of vulnerabilities in your personal account.

And this is where a one-time use email address is useful. You can create a temporary email account using these services, which you can then use in place of your own one. In this way, you can avoid subscribing to years’ worth of spam emails and avoiding targeted advertisements and data dumps in the event that a site is attacked. Continue reading to learn about some of the top free temporary email services available today.

Which secure disposable email clients are the best?

In a rush? The table below contains our top selections for a throwaway email address, so have a look. Because these services are both simple to use and cost nothing, you can quickly create a temporary address without having to waste time sifting through spam. Keep reading so we can examine more closely at each name afterwards!

  • 10 Minute Mail is a rapid, easy-to-use tool that works well with websites that demand verification.
  • If you subscribe to a premium account, ProtonMail provides much more than throwaway emails.
  • DeepWeb Temporary Email. Use temporary email if you want to hide your real email and paste temporary email in its place. It may be used for various websites (such as social networks), to download files from file hosting services, and more. For instance, before using a website completely, users must register on public Wi-Fi hotspots, blogs, and forums.

A provider of disposable email must satisfy a few key requirements in order to rank among our top 3. These consist of:

  1. Security – even though the email address is temporary, you won’t want to risk jeopardizing your privacy by using one!
  2. Automation: If a service regularly deletes emails and addresses after a specified period of time, you won’t have to bother about it.
  3. Ease of use — using a throwaway email service shouldn’t slow you down, and setting up your temporary alias shouldn’t require a PhD!

All of the services we’ve identified go above and above these requirements, and several also include a few useful extras. Overall, you can be confident that whichever disposable email provider you select will give you a temporary address that will deflect spam and security threats away from your personal and professional accounts.

What exactly is a temporary email address?

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to use only one personal email account for everything, and spam might not even be a thing. Unfortunately, it occurs, and the sheer amount can lead people to search for ways to halt the influx. One such answer is a throwaway email account, but what exactly are they?

They are, first and foremost, transient. Disposable. They differ from any email address you would receive from Gmail or Outlook as a result. A further distinction between them is that many disposable email providers don’t ask you to register for an account or provide any personal information, such as your name, phone number, or home address.

Consequently, you would go to one of the websites mentioned in this guide, follow the instructions to create your temporary email address, and then copy and paste that address into a form on another website where your regular email would typically go.

Sounds quite useful, doesn’t it? All of those bothersome spam emails will be forwarded to the temporary address, which typically expires after a predetermined period of time. Your personal inbox will remain uncluttered, and the related address won’t be listed in a database that could one day be compromised.

It is important to note that there are some disadvantages to using these dispensed services. They lack the functionality of a Gmail or Outlook account; you cannot BCC recipients, add signatures or folders, or check if your mail has been read. You can send emails, recover recently deleted ones or addresses, and forward emails with some disposable email services.

Why would you require a temporary email address?

Nowadays, the internet is all about ease, so entering your primary email address into a website or app is much simpler than creating a temporary one. But as soon as you do, that information is lost, public, and might be exploited by websites to bombard you with spam or worse. We are aware of disposable email addresses and how they operate, but why use one? There are numerous explanations! Below, we’ll briefly touch on a few of the more common ones.

Spam central

The worst thing that can happen to somebody with an email account is spam. It seems like you could spend hours unsubscribing from these lists just to later find yourself buried in more spam. People mostly invest in a temporary email address in order to avoid this flood. By doing this, you stop spam lists from knowing about and targeting your primary account.

Guilt-free spending

Disposable emails come in handy when shopping, too. It might be that you’re interested in making a one-time purchase from a site you’ve never visited before, and one that you’d rather not receive advertising spam from. Or, you could want to skirt the similar “deal”, “sale”, and “new in store” spam emails you receive after signing up for a loyalty card.

Phantom websites

We all do that, so don’t worry. Sometimes using a temporary email during registration can feel more reassuring because you know you won’t likely ever use the website or app you’re visiting again. Similarly, if a free trial piques your attention and requires you to provide an email address in order to access it, use a temporary one! In either case, you won’t have to worry about receiving any more spam emails after using the service you’re interested in.

Keeping safe

Disposable emails provide an essential security purpose in addition to being beneficial for preventing spam. We’ve all subscribed to services before without reading the terms and conditions. It’s possible that the website is requesting your consent to use, disclose, or even sell your personal information. Additionally, websites have the ability to give advertisers access to your email address.

There you have it, then! An overview of how a temporary email address may keep your inbox organized, safe, and secure without costing you anything.


Disposable emails can significantly reduce your stress. With just a few clicks, you can create a temporary email account that you can use to register for websites, enter contests, make one-time purchases, and sign up for other websites with the assurance that you won’t receive any spam for several months. A decent throwaway email can also be an efficient and rapid security precaution. You may safeguard your personal information from possible data leaks and feel secure utilizing websites that may have a history of lax security by using a disposable email rather than your real address. Overall, it’s a good idea to bookmark one or two of these helpful websites!

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