Best GRC Software Tools That Businesses Can Use in 2021


GRC (Governance, risk, and compliance) tools support companies in handling all sensitive files and practices to ensure that companies are producing at their best. Companies must maintain some data security protocols to ensure that they comply with data security regulations. Some tools and techniques help companies maintain data security.

GRC software is the easiest among them, which supports business owners to follow all security procedures. Governance, risk, and compliance software are also effective in stopping and identifying weaknesses that will affect your computers, stakeholders, and resources.

Moreover, they are also valuable for handling short and long-term plans and processes of your business. Various GRC companies are there to meet compliance requirements. Companies can look for expert help so that they can ensure data security.

Top GRC tools companies can use in 2021 to comply with all data security needs

RSA Archer GRC Tool

With the help of RSA tools, organizations can eliminate silos from the risk management procedures. It helps streamline all efforts and ensure that all pieces of data are correct, extensive, and solid. The configuration setting of this GRC tool allows users to initiate easy changes with database formation or no coding as per necessity. RSA Archer is highly efficient in managing risk related to IT and IT associates.

Logic Manager GRC Solution

Logic Manager GRC tools are mainly used in managing risks of financial services, the education sector, administration, and technology companies. Logic Manager Software gears up the aggregating procedure of data mining, creating documents, and handling records. This GRC solution has bagged several IT awards due to its performance.

Riskonnect GRC Software

Riskonnect solutions offer interface via alerting, surfacing, and seeing high risks to senior leaders. This solution also promotes a tight integration in collaboration with the Salesforce CRM medium.

SAP GRC software tools

By implementing SAP GRC, companies can secure comprehensive data and increase the analytics prediction abilities required for managing risks. It helps to offer quality services to the customers. It was a participant in Q1 2020 GRC Wave. It has attained the second position in the GRC Footprints Awards 2020 for offering outstanding facilities to consumers.

SAI360 GRC Solution

SAI360 solutions list, keep a watch and handle functional governance, risk, and compliance requirements of a business. SAI360 pays particular attention to observing third parties who can access your sensitive files. It also automates systems that can bridge any gap that companies might have overlooked. By implementing SAI360 solutions, companies can initiate the best compliance techniques among their internal workforce.

MetricStream GRC Software

MetricStream GRC solutions are based on three risk dimensions: the risk waves (including monetary, medical, cyber, and natural risks), stakeholders’ involvement, and organizations’ agility. This pattern supports companies to pay attention to the topmost priority according to the necessity.

Enablon GRC Solutions

Enablon has a solid capacity to automate. So, engaging Enablon means the requirements to engage manual practices will be lesser. It will also help the brands to be proper with dashboards and reporting software. This solution evaluates general information and allows companies to address the latest tendencies precisely at a high pace. Therefore, companies can install the required data sets and export the settings as PDFs, PPT, or spreadsheets.

ServiceNow GRC Solution

ServiceNow GRC software supports easy workflow management and tracing for coordinating with both internal and external staff. It is also an effective project management solution. The reporting tool of this software could implement updates regarding visualizing company data. Still, in general, it is considered a helpful software in governance, risk, and compliance.

StandardFusion GRC Solution

StandardFusion GRC helps to arrange various compliance statuses like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPR, NIST, etc. This GRC model offers standard rates, and there are no hidden charges that companies need to pay. Although this solution has failed to bag any renowned awards; still, it is efficient for startups and small businesses.

Fusion Framework GRC Solution

Fusion Framework GRC helps companies to study the entire status of business data. The companies can also understand bonding, scopes, and where they are dependent. Fusion Framework helps in configuring the interface for users, and its workflow is guided. So, companies face no difficulties in using it. This software works in an integrated way with other mediums, so it is flexible too.

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