Best Room Space Storage Options For Long Term Space Saving


In today’s modern era, more and more populations are in favor of minimalist living standards. This idea is trending, and people are thinking of introducing some best storage options for long-term space-saving.

On the other hand, if you live in a spacious house, it still demands to be organized and clutter-free. This article is all about clever solutions to your space-saving problems.Also checkout the best kitchen cabinet options in case you want to decor & manage the space in it.

1. Platform Beds:

The first and foremost option is to have a platform bed. These beds are specially designed to provide secure storage under the mattress. They can hold a lot of your clothes, books as well as picture albums.

You can use the platform bed for keeping sheets, pillow covers, or even seasonal clothes. It is the perfect place to keep your blankets and extra cushions.

2. Secret Wardrobe:

If there is an empty corner in the room, you should turn it into a secret wardrobe behind the shoe rack. It can indeed hold dresses, undergarments, accessories, and a lot more things. With the help of this space-saving idea, there will be a massive change in your messy room.

3. Upper Shelves:

The upper shelves are a life hack to store your books and other office belongings. You can use them to store your antique pieces if you have some.

4. Coffee Table with Hidden Storage:

A lot of storage coffee table designs are available in the market. In addition to a dinner table, it can be used as an office table, and you can store stationery and office files along with coffee items in it.

5. Space-Saving Vertical Shoe Rack:

No matter how tidy a person you are, organizing the shoes has always been a problem. You can either build a rack attached to the inner side of the wardrobe door. Other options include a hanging shoe organizer inside a built-in almirah or use a ladder shoe rack.

6. Couch with Storage Compartments:

Modern furniture companies are now offering space-saving yet elegant furniture. One of these items is couches which have storage compartments under the cushions. These couches are usually waterproof and heat resistant.

You can keep your electronics here along with some extra cutlery.

7. Hang Laundry Bag to The Back of The Door:

Sometimes, unclean clothes can turn into a massive mess if there is no proper space to keep them. To avoid this embarrassing situation, you can hang a laundry bag to the back of the door. To keep the dirty clothes at a specific place, one can also use a laundry basket or cheap storage units.

If you are using baskets for both dirty and clean laundry, paste stickers to differentiate them.

8. Built-in Drawers:

Whether you live a minimalist life or own a big house, built-in drawers are must-haves for storage purposes. They not only help to declutter things but also add to the beauty of the home.

These drawers can be used as it is or you can hang a mirror over them to turn it into a dressing table.

9. Hanging Wall Organizer:

Another space-saving storage option is to use an organizer hanging on the wall. This idea can hold a lot of your valuables and save space also.

You can use the wall organizer in different ways. However, it will be the best place to keep your gas and electricity bills safe. Hang it near the main door so you can keep your door and car keys in it.

10. Corner Shelf:

People usually consider the corner shelf as a decoration piece. You can still make it look like a decoration while using it as a storage space.

You can arrange wine glasses in it along with beautiful perfume bottles and candles.


In the end, you have some amazing as well as helpful storage hacks. Some of these ideas are simple DIY, and others need professional insight.

Whether your room is small or large, there is still a demand to organize it properly. All you need is to put a little extra effort into making the room neat and orderly. You can easily save space with clever storage hacks.

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