Best Ways to Boost Your Wins In COD warzone


The hottest and the most happening Battle Royale Game in the market has to be the call of Duty: Warzone. Have you longed for a win all this while? Well, what if we told you that planning is an essential tip? Yes! And here we are to share even more.

Warzone is the newest addition to the genre of Battle Royale. Despite having been around for only a few months, it already has the most extensive base of players. That is because the game calls for extraordinarily intense and fun gameplay. In fact, towards the match’s end, your blood will get pumping. Each game does get harder to win, but then why do we have the warzone cheats? After all, it is the hacks that will help you triumph in no time.

Shield yourself all the time

Unlike other Battle Royale games, Warzone shields do not comprise any special gears of protection or helmets. There are armor plates that you can apply under your uniform. If you are playing, you can use as many as three plates to enhance your health pool. On application, your health pool will increase up to HP250 from HP100.

However, you can store five armor plates at max. So, these extra plates can be offered to the teammates with low HP whenever the need arises.

Use your loadout packages to the best of your advantage

You may have spent time selecting your equipment as well as weapon additions during an online play. You may have indeed obtained a few perks too. Warzone presents you with the choice to receive a loadout pack.

Thus, you are permitted to call in an online equipment set. Hence, you can gain advantage from several abilities, right from increasing the running speed to expediting recovery. However, if you have less money, you can follow the signs of loadout drop and rush towards ravaging their content.

For instance, the most helpful drop sign is The Perks, which lets you stay ahead of your rivals. It would be best if you remained careful, though, as you will find many players heading toward the drops to devastate them as well.

Share information

You are always going to benefit from teamwork, except if you have gone solo to tackle warzone. Make sure you are constantly calling out things you are doing. This way, teammates can alert you whenever things go wrong and vice versa. Even when a microphone is unavailable, you can use the integrated ping system to share information with your teammates.

Steer clear from leaving behind your teammates when looting all by yourself. Often, you get stuck in sticky situations with a multitude of enemies crushing you, with teammates far away to come for your help.

Try mustering your friend squad together and build chemistry if you reach the game late.

Monitor your contracts

Contracts are some of the best ways to earn extra cash. Thus, always look out for the arrangements. However, do keep in mind that some contracts may be better if you take things slower. For instance, you can pay attention to scavenger contracts. As it is, you will be looting; thus, you can always earn some additional cash while you are at it.

Scavenger contracts have a high demand in the early parts of the game. Therefore, you may observe considerable movement around them. You can use the contracts to the best of your advantage. For instance, you can pick a bounty contract during mid-game to help you know about any hiding scout.

When playing with several people, speak about contracts you may be want to start with. This step will help you stay away from being locked in an incorrect one.

Use killstreak rightly

The warzone’s essential part has to be the killstreaks. And you have to acclimatize yourself for applying them as well as them being laid against you. Research well before you purchase any killstreak because they are costly.

A wrong killstreak can drain your stack of cash without delivering fruitful results. Use the right killstreaks at the right moments because they carry immense value at specific points in the game.

For instance, a UAV will not do any good when your circle is small. It will not show up if most players have Ghost stocked. If your game is going late, invest in a Precision Airstrike to displace the enemies camped up on a building top.


Do not ever give up when things are not going your way. What we are saying may sound cheesy, but you will eventually get there. Be dedicated to your game and practice hard. And, do share with us any additional tips in the comments below.

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