BetMGM Announces Plan to Offer Top Retail Slot Game Buffalo to Michigan Online Casino Players


BetMGM will soon be offering the chance for its users to play the super popular retail slot game Buffalo in their Michigan online casinos. Anaxi, who produced regulated gaming products, has produced an online version of the hugely admired slot machine, which will be exclusively used by BetMGM Michigan players.

Anaxi and BetMGM have joined forces to offer users great new gaming content across all their platforms, yet another reason why both existing users and interested prospective players are keen on the household name, which is one of the big hitters in Michigan.

If you are considering joining the brand, then this BetMGM promo code will sweeten the deal and give you even more reason to sign up with one of the top performers in the industry.

The pairing was celebrated by Chief Revenue Officer at BetMGM, Matt Prevost, who stated,

“BetMGM is honored to be the first online destination for Buffalo,”

“We are ready to bring the thrill and excitement of Buffalo to our players in New Jersey and additional states this fall. Anaxi captured the fast-paced elements of Buffalo which players love and are now able to experience in the palm of their hands.”

“We are honored to be the first operator in North America to offer Anaxi’s world-class content,”

“Partnering with Anaxi to provide some of Aristocrat’s most iconic games supports our goal of making BetMGM online casino the best destination for players,” added Prevost.

Anaxi’s Chief Operating Officer, Cath Burns, was similarly effusive of the deal;

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with BetMGM as Anaxi reimagines the world’s greatest gaming content online. This is the first content release for Anaxi, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and create online gaming experiences that entertain for our partners and players.”

“The stampede has officially begun, and we’re thrilled that BetMGM players can now enjoy the iconic Buffalo game online,”

BetMGM already offers its players a massive range of slot games, with over 1000 to choose from, so this deal only further enhances their reputation in terms of a variety of options.

This will further consolidate the brand’s foothold in Michigan, where they are the only provider to have broken the $1 billion barrier in terms of lifetime revenue. They currently sit at $1.36 billion and have a massive 36% in terms of lifetime market share.

BetMGM already has over a quarter of the share across the United States as a whole in terms of online casino revenue, so one wonders just how much more it can achieve in what is already a very crowded space.

Such a move may well be more about consolidation than anything else, and BetMGM knows, perhaps as well as any other provider (given its lengthy history in the industry), that a brand can not afford to rest on its previous successes.

Players should note that while BetMGM currently offers eight titles that include the term Buffalo, the original and best-loved version from Anaxi will be a clear favorite ahead of what’s already on offer.

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