Branding tips and Instagram likes that can help to boost your health and wellness business


Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms for marketing and branding, and health and wellness brands should use the platform for closer consumer engagement. The lure of staying in touch with over a billion monthly users drives more and more businesses toward Instagram as the platform keeps on improving its business-friendly features for more benefit of its users. Many health and wellness businesses ride on the Instagram wave to build brand awareness grow their audience and increase sales. However, before launching your brand on Instagram, you must ensure that most of your target audience uses Instagram and are active on the platform. Besides, you must understand what they are looking for – education, inspiration, entertainment, or something else.

Once you get the answers to these questions, you can create strategies for launching a branding and rehab marketing campaign on Instagram. Create compelling and authentic content that is useful for the audience and grab all attention while garnering organically. The number of likes is like votes for the campaign that drive more viewers toward it, but the process takes time. To gain instant fame, you can buy Instagram likes that helps the campaign gain speedy exposure.

To build your health and wellness brand on Instagram, here are some strategies that should help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Optimize the bio and photo of your brand

Your brand must impress potential customers right from when they have a first glance at your Instagram account. The first impression is crucial to forming some opinion about the brand later. Since users spend just a few seconds after clicking to understand the brand broadly, you must ensure that you draw viewers’ total attention who can gather all vital brand information in a summarized form. It will give them a reason to follow the brand.

To accomplish the goals, make sure that your brand’s bio, profile photo, and highlight cover photos are in perfect alignment with the brand attributes. Your profile photo must reflect not only the brand attributes but also the brand colors. Your brand description should be authentic and trustworthy at a glance, and your bio should reveal who you are and what you have to offer.

Develop strategies about your Stories and Feed

The imagery of your brand and business is critical for getting the best results from your Instagram campaign.  You can post images on your Instagram Stories as well as Instagram Feed but nowhere else. The images loaded on your Feed are visible to anyone viewing your profile. Keep your feed posts uncluttered, consistent and ensure that it reflects your brand visuals. Be consistent with the fonts, brand colors, and imagery associated with your business to clear to viewers at a glance.

Get closer to your customers with Instagram Stories by portraying the brand personally by sharing some inside stories about the brand created at the spur of the moment. It will encourage your followers to re-share the post. Although Instagram Stories are visible for 24 hours, you can save them for later use. Besides sharing behind the scene stories, you can share your customers’ posts without much concern about their resemblance to your brand’s visual identity.

Be consistent with your brand

To build a credible brand, it is critical to consistently uphold the brand in terms of visuals and brand voice.  The tone and tenor of your posts, and the colors, set the mood for viewers who start relating it to the brand. It becomes a way for them to connect to the brand by recognizing the content presentation that bears specific traits related to the brand. If there is any deviation from the recognizable features in subsequent posts, it will confuse viewers and make them feel that your business is unorganized.

To maintain consistency in colors, fonts, and imagery across the internet wherever your brand appears during marketing, as well as in other marketing materials, you can use the brand board tool. It helps to think about the type of content to post in the health and wellness category by using product photos, branded quote templates, stick pictures and customer testimonials, etc.  Once you discover your brand personality, it becomes easy to determine the brand colors, voice, and tone representing the brand.

Interact with other accounts

Being active on social media boosts your brand popularity, and you must start interacting with other accounts on Instagram that connect you to other individuals and brands. It opens the gates for connecting with new people, and then you can gradually convert them into your customers.  Spare some time every day to follow some accounts and leave your comments about their posts. Engage with your followers to keep them involved with your brand, and you can even follow the Instagram accounts of your competitors’ followers to engage with them.   It will help expand your customer base as your competitors’ followers are likely to share similar interests in your products.

Team up to grow your audience

Besides making solo efforts to create brand awareness and expand your followers, many health and wellness brands are now collaborating with other brands in the same category to grow their audiences and are also considering the option to Buy Instagram followers.  By collaborating with other brands in your industry, you can enter into partnerships and joint giveaways to introduce your business to other brands’ followers. The collaboration helps the participating brands tap into the other brands’ follower base and bring them closer to increase their reach over a new section of the audience that they would have never thought about.

Although these tips are highly effective, it will take time to build a new audience on social media. Take some time and build strategy to give you appropriate results. But once you start the campaign and give your sincere efforts to impellent the strategies, it is only a matter of time before your health and wellness brand gains much wider recognition and your audience base keep expanding. Adopt the strategies to get the best results.

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