Can Healthy Shoes Also Be Stylish?

There’s a common misconception that enduring the pain is a price to pay for looking good. In this day and age, however, fashion has evolved a great deal and many brands focus on the customer and how to make them not only comfortable, but still up to date with the latest trends.

The importance of healthy shoes

Uncomfortable shoes leave a negative impact on the movement of the body. When the body tries to adjust its posture, it puts pressure on the back, hips, ankles, and knees. The folks over at  were spot on when they said “You do not have to suffer, in order to be beautiful. ” That’s why getting blisters from an unsuitable shaped shoe, injuring your toes/heels or being uncomfortable by adding pressure on the joints is no longer necessary. Protalus mentions that proper insoles improve the function of the body by guiding the body into proper position. In addition to preventing blisters and pain, shoe insoles are highly recommended since they help maintain your body’s posture.

Ergonomics and design can be key factors in trends

Having a different type of shoe for each activity is important as the ergonomics that goes into the design aspect affects the movement and flexibility of the shoe. For each activity, different ergonomic design aspects are considered according to the movement needed. That’s why the shoe market has many categories, but that doesn’t mean the shoe will not be stylish. On the contrary, each category tends to market its latest designs, fabrics, and softness, as well as style and color to attract people to their products. They even keep up to date with the latest trends, colors, and trims of the season.

When it comes to health, thinking of the key features that were designed for a pair of walking shoes is completely different to the modern technologies designed for running or even hiking shoes. Each pair has different heel support and separate kinds of fabric, giving the feet the breathability and flexibility it needs for that sport, as well as a unique design and construction for each pair making it super trendy.

Can healthy shoes also be stylish?

Sports shoes

Over the past decade, shoe technology has advanced beyond belief. There are shoes designed with extra cushioning to reduce the impact on the floor while other shoes are designed to feel like socks but give the support needed for the feet to stay healthy. In the sports field, it is no longer comfort or health over style anymore as the selling point of most brands is comfort and supportive features while constantly coming up with new designs to suit the trends of the season. The best thing about sport shoes is that they compliment any outfit and add a sense of style according to the look you’re going for.


A few years ago, the shoes on the market identified as orthopedic shoes or designed with the intention to be supportive and cushioning were quite hideous in terms of style. They were either too bulky, too ugly or without any sense of fashion being taken into account. However, fashion and comfort have found many common grounds taking into consideration the importance of a flexible sole and a good fit has been the base of many footwear design companies and the results are incredible, to say the least.  If you’re after for a hippie look that conveys style, quality, and a unique look, consider wearing cropped, black, wide-legged trousers, a front tie denim shirt with a pair of Wolky Fast Ankle boots.


When it comes to comfort, there should be no compromise. But what to do you if you want to look elegant and stylish, too? While high-heels put too much strain on the foot, heel, and joints as well as a reason leading to foot damage, there are shoes that try to be healthier. For example, while platform shoes still have that unsafe elevation, it reduces the pressure on the heel by elevating the entire foot. Other high-heels have cushioned insoles to help with comfort and at least reduce the pain factor of wearing uncomfortable shoes. If you’re looking for a bit of extra height to give you the more toned look, try the super comfortable, super cool platform Walkmaxx Shoes. They work well with any outfit, but give a semi-casual vibe to it.

You do not have to give up comfort in order to be chic. Investing in the right pair of shoes that fit properly and do not damage your feet is just as important as eating right for your body. But with fashion becoming more than just a statement and has entered into the world of every-day life, the comfort and style of healthy shoes have evolved leaving you with many choices to be fashionable and stylish without messing up your feet.