Can Omega Juicers Make Almond Milk?

Almond milk drinkers often boast of the incredible benefits that almond milk provides in comparison to dairy. If you are looking to adopt juicing and ditch processed products especially milk, check omega juicer reviews for several products that make juicing almond milk simple and fun. If you are not an enthusiast of almond milk yet, you might want to try it and benefit from its nutritious values that include:

  • Vegan and plant-based, good for vegetarians
  • Lactose-free, good for lactose-intolerant people
  • Paleo-friendly and gluten-free
  • Low caloric value – only 60 calories per cup
  • No saturated fat or cholesterol, reducing the chances of heart diseases
  • Loaded with vitamins (A, various B, D, and E), helps your skin be healthy, keeps your bones strong, and helps your muscles grow.
  • Rich in minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and zinc which are good for kids as well.

To enjoy these benefits without risking your health to preservatives and thickeners that processed almond milk contains, making your milk has been simplified with the range of the best Omega juicers in the market.

In this article, we have prepared some of the best features that make the Omega juicer great for making almond milk.

Slow-Speed Extraction

Omega juicers can operate at a slow speed which is ideal when working with nuts like almond. To get the best out of your expensive nuts, having them crushed slowly will give you the highest milk yield from your nuts with minimal wastage.

This capability also helps your milk stay for longer because, during the extraction process, it slows oxidation due to the slow buildup of heat enhancing your milk’s shelf life up to 3 days.

Omega juicers allow you to get all the nutrients from your nuts by easily accessing nutritious enzymes and antioxidants from your almond nuts. These nutrients from your nuts enable you to benefit from the nutritional value of your almond.

Extra-Large Feed Tray

This is one of the features that make Omega juicers ideal for juicing almond milk. This large tray allows you to complete your juicing process faster and in a shorter time frame.  While making milk for your whole family, this feature enables you to get the most out of your nuts. This will save you money that could otherwise be spent on processed milk.

Automatic Pulp Ejection

Omega juicers allow you to focus on the main part of your juicing, which is extracting milk from your Almond nuts. To make this process consistent and without a hassle, their automatic pulp ejection functionality enables the pulp from your nuts to be removed without your manual intervention.

This allows your milk to be consistently extracted while having little to no pulp in them. It also ensures you spend less time making the milk, unlike all other juicers that require you to remove the pulp manually.

Pulp ejected here can be useful as toppings or repurposed the way you see fit therefore increasing the efficiency you get from your food.

Why You Should Make Your Milk

Omega juicers are a great tool to have in your kitchen to benefit from the vast health benefits presented from ditching commercially made products. The following are the reasons why we believe it’s important, if not necessary, to make your milk.

1. It is Healthy

As we have initially seen how beneficial milk from nuts is to your overall health, it is needless to say how switching to homemade milk can transform your life. You are bound to escape the increasing amount of health problems that arise from the consumption of industry-processed products that are full of preservatives and sweeteners.

2. It is Cost-Effective

Depending on the number of times you buy almond milk or the number of people in your household that consume it, it is safe to say that producing your milk will reduce your cost significantly.

Shifting your focus to only purchasing raw almond nuts instead of the already processed milk, will allow you to tremendously save up in your grocery shopping.

3. It Gives Room To Experiment

In my opinion, the process of making your milk is quite satisfying. Putting your spin by either adding fruits, vanilla extracts, or just going crazy with whatever you prefer can be both fun and tasty.

The 15-year warranty on Omega juicers makes it even more reliable giving you the guarantee of the quality that is possessed by the juicer. Owning one of these juicers is the best way to ensure your family gets Almond milk that is fresh and nutritious at the same time.