Can You Use A Shed As An Office?



Working from home is becoming increasingly popular and many people are exploring how to best utilize their space. Some may not have an already designated office space in their home, causing man to look to alternative options like sheds. Sheds are a great option to consider when it comes to creating an office space, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the key things to keep in mind when creating a 12 x 20 shed office space of your own.

Overhead Cost

Sheds are a budget friendly option, and the materials needed to build a shed office space are not nearly as expensive as renovating a room in your home. This may be an attractive option for some DIY home owners to consider who are looking to save money. A shed is also considerably more affordable than renting an office space every month. However, you should consider just how much the utilities will cost when deciding if it is the right option for you. You’ll need to ensure that your existing home internet can reach your shed o avoid spending on an upgraded service.

Temperature Control

You’ll need to remember that a shed’s temperature will not always be as easy to manage as your usual spaces in your house. In the summer you’ll need to keep the space adequately cooled, and in winter you’ll want to have a means of heating it as well. You’ll want to consider how much time you expect to spend in your shed to determine whether or not extra temperature control is needed. Most people will opt to invest in some sort of temperature control for their office space. Portable heaters and air conditioners are a great option if you don’t want to go through the hassle of insulating your shed.

Light Control

When choosing a shed to use as an office space, you’ll want to opt for one that has windows and a door. Windows will provide more natural light for your work area, while a door will allow you control over what sources of lighting you’ll use. Sheds with windows and doors can be more expensive, but many shed purveyors will allow you to install any materials needed to ensure that they function correctly. Ventilation is very important to avoid issues with mold and dust. You’ll want to make sure your office space gets a generous amount of natural light and fresh air to make sure it’s a pleasant place to work.

Decorating Your Shed

After you have built your shed and are ready to move in, you need to think about the decor. You’ll want to ensure that your office space is cohesive with your home’s design. Otherwise, it may negatively impact the overall look you were hoping for from your space. You’ll need to be sure to consider whether or not you want to paint or wallpaper the inside of your office space. Another option is essentially covering the walls with peg board and storing items on it to really play into the shed atmosphere and create a rustic look.

Installing Extras

Sheds are great spaces for creatives, as they can be transformed to suit all sorts of needs. This is also true when it comes to installing office equipment. You’ll want to ensure that you have access to electricity and internet when it comes to installing these items, though there is no need for anything fancy if you do not need it. If you do want to create a luxurious space, adding a bathroom or kitchenette can be a great benefit to the functionality of your space. While this is a more costly option, it is nice to know you can add extras to your shed if you wish.

Final Thoughts

Sheds are a very versatile option for home office space. You’ll want to take care to ensure that you’re expecting the right size and plan accordingly if you have any doubts about what your needs may be. They can also be customized to suit your needs when you’re ready to move in, so it is only natural that many people explore this as an option for their creative space and daily work.

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