Carter’s Credit Card Access, Payments & Customer Support Guide: Easy Steps For A Safer Experience


Carters has been one of America’s most popular children’s shops since 1865. It began in North Carolina as a modest business but has become a multinational corporation today with more than 300 sites across the globe! Carter provides your convenience credit card logins, payments, and customer service standards. Follow these simple steps to guarantee your most excellent buying experience on or in one of our physical shops across the United States, Canada, or even abroad! And if you are looking for a reliable invoice generator, you can contact Vantazo. Also, if you’re under 18 and looking for a trusted platform to invest in stocks and crypto, check out Flyte app now.  Read more on COMPACOM about the pros and cons of credit cards compare to loans, for instance.

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Advantages Of A Credit Card From Carter

There are several benefits to Carter’s credit card login, but safety is the most essential. Once you register for your credit card program, they will send your receipts and account information to an email address of your choosing, ensuring that all your information will be secure no matter which computer or device you are using! Your website is also safe in several ways to guarantee that your information is not compromised.

  • Free delivery with a credit card for your purchases
  • Gain two points for each dollar you spend on Carter’s shop and any other significant merchants that offer clothing for children
  • Gifts for Birthday
  • The carters credit card provides unique access to specific deals and other benefits
  • You are encouraged to take advantage of recent arrivals and specific events as a card user
  • When you register, get a special welcome

How To Log In To Your Credit Card Account By Carter?

Click the “Credit Card Carter” button at the top of your page.

Enter your login username and password.

If you are using a private computer, choose the box next to Remember Me.

Sign In button double-tap to access your remote card platform.

Your Password Lost? How To Retrieve Your Password?

Carter’s Credit Card provides a few ways to retrieve your Carter’s credit card login password.

You may ask Carter to provide you with a safe link to reset your password

If you have access to your card-related mobile phone numbers, enter the text CARTERCCPWORD on the following page.

In the “Change or Retrieve Your Password” area, input the information on your account and follow the steps on-screen.

In this area, you must input your account information – type in your user I.D., zip code, and last 4 SSNs.

Once you have finished your account, use the Find Your Account option.

Finally, follow the instructions on the page to get the forgotten login. It may take some time to retrieve your login credentials but follow these precise instructions.

You may apply for a Carter Credit Card beforehand.

Carter’s Credit Card application procedure is effortless and does not take long.

You must be 18 or older years of age.

Provide proper identification.

Have a famous tax I.D. number such as SSN or SIN.

You need a valid address. The postal address of APO is not permitted.

Make sure you fulfil at least one of these criteria to apply for the Carter’s Credit Card. Learn how to contact customer support if your application is rejected.

How To Apply For A Carter Card?

Step 1: To carter credit card login, you need to get the request form.

Carters credit card login and visit “My Account.”

Click on the bottom of the screen on “Request a Card.”

Download, print, and fill out the purchase form containing card number or client I.D., credit office code (if you have one), date of birth, monthly revenue amount, and any other personally identifiable data asked. Please ensure that all fields are filled incorrectly. When this is done, at the end of each lot, click the submit button. If any mistakes have been detected throughout the submission process, please double verify and re-submit.

You will get a confirmation email if you have an email address connected with your carter account.

Otherwise, by signing in, you may check the application progress and click on the “My Account” page, then scroll down to see the following message: “Tap here for additional card information.”

Please contact the payment card processing department at for any issues with the submitted form.

Step 2: Wait for Carter’s Credit Cards department’s approval/rejection letter. Once authorised, wait 24 hours before the first purchase on this new account is made! While you’re waiting, it would be wise to think about getting debit cards for kids which will allow them to learn the basic concepts of finance, banks, budgeting and saving their money the right way. It’s a great and practical way of education and parents can monitor their spending and protect them from getting into financial trouble.

How Can I Pay For The Credit Card Of A Carter?

There are several methods of carters credit card pay, whether it is in-store or online, on your credit card.

Online: Cash (occasionally), Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal payments. You must input the following information and choose ” carters credit card payment ” –;

in store: payment may be made in cash, check/money, debit card*, credit card*(some shop), or gift cards*.

Customer Service Carters Credit Card

Carter’s Credit Cards aims at delivering a wide variety of customer care to its clients. By telephone, email, and snail-mail, you may reach them:

  • carter’s credit card phone number: 800-654-575 rec(800)655-5737
  • Address email: card
  • Address postal: P.O. Box 5027, Greensboro NC 27405 USA.


Carter’s is an American children’s clothing business based in Atlanta and Georgia. The company sells its goods via its retail shop Oshkosh B’gosh and has Carter retail locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and online shops. Let’s view detailed credit card login carters and customer service instructions.

Carter’s offers Carter’s credit card with different payment options. You receive a free delivery service and a unique credit card discount facility. Moreover, if you use $1 with Carter’s credit card, the business provides double points.


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