Who Were the Key Figures in Elvis Presley’s Life?

Elvis Presley with close friends and collaborators Bill Porter and Paul Anka

Elvis Presley is known as the “King of Rock and Roll” and is a big part of American music. He was famous for his great shows, unique singing, and charm. But there were important people in his life who helped him become famous and shaped who he was. These people included his … Read more

Exploring Elvis Presley’s Romantic Relationships

Elvis Presley signing autographs

Elvis Presley wasn’t just a famous singer; he was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a legend in the world of music. But there was more to his life than just his incredible tunes and electrifying performances. Elvis had a series of significant romantic relationships that played a crucial role in his … Read more

The Most Iconic Music Festivals of the 1960s

hollow-body electric guitar

The 1960s, a decade marked by significant cultural and social upheaval, also witnessed the birth of some of the most iconic music festivals in history. These festivals were not just about the music; they became symbols of the counterculture movement, encapsulating the spirit of freedom, peace, and communal harmony.  From the legendary … Read more

The 10 Best Guitarists of the 1960s

Les Paul guitar

The 1960s was a revolutionary era for music, a decade that saw the rise of some of the most iconic guitarists in history. These musicians redefined the boundaries of guitar playing, infusing new styles and techniques that continue to influence artists today. From the soulful bends of blues to the electrifying riffs … Read more

From Liverpool to the World: Exploring 1960’s Beat Music

Dave Clark Five Beat Music

Beat music, a dynamic and influential musical genre of the early 1960s, stands as a testament to the era’s cultural revolution. This genre, a fusion of rock and roll rhythms, accentuated with a strong beat, encapsulated the youthful optimism and changing tides of the decade. The Cultural Backdrop of the 1960s The … Read more

The Top British Bands of the 60s

The Beatles

The 1960s marked a revolutionary era in the history of music, particularly for British rock bands that took the world by storm. This decade saw the emergence of some of the most iconic and influential groups in the history of music. From the legendary Beatles to the gritty sounds of The Troggs, … Read more

Top Musical Genres of the 1960s

Retro styled image of an old turntable

If the 1960s music scene were a cup, it would be filled to the brim. And why not? It wasn’t called the ‘Swinging Sixties’ for nothing. Music was an essential part of this massive cultural revolution during the decade.  The early part of the decade was still mostly dominated by rock and … Read more

Procol Harum Profile

procol harum 2001

Introduction One of the most prominent English rock groups in the 1960s is Procol Harum. They are known for their single “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” which became a number one UK hit and a Top 10 US Billboard smash in 1967. The single is considered one of the songs that truly … Read more

The Legacy of the Supremes

The Supremes in 1967

The Supremes were the female singing group that changed the way people of America viewed black music and artists. Formerly known as ‘The Primettes,’ The Supremes became the first female singing group to gain popularity. The founders of The Supremes include Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, and Mary Wilson, who sang 12 singles … Read more