Choosing the Best Banner Material and Size for your Advertising Needs


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  • Background: Choosing the Best Material and Size for Your Advertising Needs
  • How to Choose a Suitable Material for Your Banner
  • Tips to Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Banner
  • Final Words

Background: Choosing the Best Material and Size for Your Advertising Needs

If you’re looking forward to making your business stand out and create a lasting impression, banners have proven to be the perfect solution. They are eye-catching and versatile.

With HelloPrint’s professional assistance, you can transform your advertising ideas into tangible banners. So, if you’re promoting a product, service, or an event, get a well-designed banner as the platform to convey your brand’ s message and grab the attention of your target audience.

Meanwhile, this post will guide you through the process of exploring the best material options and banner sizes for your advertising needs. Consequently, the tips in this post will help you create a compelling and impactful advertising solution for your business.

How to Choose a Suitable Material for Your Banner

When creating a banner, there are a few factors that need to be considered regarding the material to be used. Firstly, ensure to ask and answer the following questions: How long should the banner last? Is it an indoor or outdoor advertisement? What weather conditions will it be exposed to?

Answering these questions will help you choose the perfect banner material. Let’s explore some banner materials for your advertising needs.


If you’re going to display banners for an outdoor event, you should consider making banners from mesh materials. Mesh banners have tiny holes or perforations throughout the material. These holes are evenly distributed across the banner, typically in a grid pattern that allows wind to pass through.

This design enables mesh banners to reduce wind load, prevent sagging or tearing, and withstand windy conditions. So, if you’re displaying for an outdoor event, this mesh banner can withstand the wind from outside, thereby preventing it from pulling or falling off.

A mesh banner is the right choice if you’re also looking for something that will last and eventually save you money. Mesh material used in banners can last up to 2 – 3 years, depending on the environment in which they are placed.


Advertise your indoor or outdoor event or business with weather-resistant vinyl banners. This banner material is a popular choice for outdoor and indoor advertising due to its durability and versatility. They are famous for the following benefits;

  • They are water resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as exposure to rain, sunlight, wind, and extreme temperatures. So you can place them outside and be rest assured that they won’t get damaged.
  • Vinyl banners are durable. They can last several years if you maintain and care for them properly.
  • Vinyl banners are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. This is a good banner material for rainy season as they won’t be damaged by rain.
  • They can easily be cleaned using a mixture of water and soap. So once they get dirty, probably due to dust, you can easily wipe them to be clean and sparkling again.
  • Vinyl banners are lightweight; hence they can be easily transported.

Meanwhile, when choosing a vinyl banner, you need to consider the material weight; if the banner is for indoor use, go for a weights banner (10-13 mil), and if it is for outdoor use, go for heavier weights (15-20 mil).

Look for vinyl banners with UV protection to prevent fading and discolouration. With these factors, you can create a compelling and long-lasting vinyl banner for your advertising needs.


Fabric banners offer a premium texture and vibrant colours, ideal for indoor displays. They are also excellent material options for outdoor and indoor usage as they can resist wind and harsh weather conditions. Fabric banners are durable and can last for a very long period of time, depending on the maintenance.

Tips to Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Banner

From small, simple, and compact designs to large, expansive displays, the right size can make or break your marketing efforts. The size of your banner is essential in capturing the attention of your target audience. These guidelines will influence your decision about the right banner size for your advert.


You definitely want to display a banner that anyone and everyone will notice from any angle. So, asking yourself how far away the banner can be viewed is essential in choosing the right banner size. Larger banners are needed for longer distances, and smaller ones can go for shorter distances.


Your location is an important fact when choosing the right banner size. A larger banner may be needed for an outdoor location, while a small banner may suffice for an indoor location.

Space constraints

You need to consider the width and height of the banner’s display area and the available space for your banner display. This will give you a clearer view of the perfect banner size.

Design considerations

A few factors may be considered in design considerations. Firstly, let’s talk about message complexity. If the information you want to convey and relay to your target audience is complex, you would require a large banner, and vice versa.

Secondly, the font size and style. You need to choose a legible font size and style for banners that people may need to view from a distance. Also, ensure that the word characters are large enough to be easily readable with a resolution of at least 300 dpi for clear graphics and text.


If the banner will be transported frequently, smaller banners are the right option as they are more portable than bigger and more giant banners.

Here are a few banner sizes to explore for your advertising needs:

  • Small: 2” x 4”, 2” x 6”, and 3” x 6” (ideal for small events or indoor use).
  • Medium: 3” x 8”, 4” x 8”, 5” x 10” (suitable for outdoor events, sales promotions, or medium-sized signage).
  • Large: 5” x 12”, 6” x 12”, and 8” x 16” (these are ideal for significant events, billboards, or long-term outdoor signage).

Always remember to have your specific needs and goals at the back of your mind when choosing your banner size.

Final Words

Choosing the right banner size and material is vital for effective advertising and promotion. Do well to consider your target audience, message, and environment to select the perfect size and material for your banner.

Whether you choose a small vinyl banner for an indoor event or a large mesh banner for an outdoor promotion, make sure it is durable, visible, and easy to read.

A well-designed banner can grab attention, communicate your message, and leave a lasting impression, so take the time to explore the various options and choose the best fit for your advertising needs.

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