Developing Discipline: A Tool for Self-Improvement


Self-improvement is a skill in and of itself and a very helpful one at that. In school, you have teachers to encourage and drive you; at work, there are managers and bosses, but self-improvement is yours alone to drive – and that is what makes it so hard. So, if you want to learn how to better yourself, then this article aims to help you do exactly that.

The Power of Discipline

Learning is hard.

The act of developing new skills and sticking with the learning process through frustration and failure is an incredibly difficult thing to do – and it is much harder when you are the only person pushing yourself to do it.

Many people think that developing discipline means that you will no longer struggle, but in reality, discipline is simply the ability to keep going. To push through that difficulty and refuse to give up. It isn’t something you can master quickly, and discipline is hard in its own way, but over time and through great effort, you can learn to be disciplined in your approach to self-improvement.

Giving Yourself the Right Tools

As you already know, self-improvement is a difficult thing to engage with, which is why you should do everything in your power to make it a little easier on yourself. That starts with tools.

After all, there are plenty of tools and resources available that can help you to better engage with self-improvement – regardless of how you are trying to improve yourself.

The internet is a great example; there are plenty of resources and e-learning platforms available online, and they can often help to make learning what you are interested in more achievable. In fact, the internet is such a useful tool for self-improvement that you might want to consider investing in a stronger connection with Frontier internet.

Of course, many believe that self-improvement should be something that you do for as small a cost as possible. However, it is difficult enough to engage with self-improvement at all – so why would you strive to make the path even more difficult for yourself by neglecting to engage with every tool at your disposal?

Don’t Be Too Prideful

The reason many people engage with the philosophy that self-improvement should be done without special tools is another issue that often crops up when you engage with the idea of bettering yourself – pride.

Pride can be a funny thing. More often than not, it drives people to self-sabotage in the hopes of proving something to themselves that they never needed to prove.

You don’t have to struggle as much as possible when you are learning. It is hard enough to engage with learning at all. You don’t have to prove that you are willing to suffer more when that suffering was never necessary. Yet pride will often drive people to make things harder for themselves anyway.

Pride is a poison in more ways than one, and if you let it get out of control, it will always, always sabotage your efforts to become a better version of yourself than you are now. So do what you can to leave your pride behind you – and become better for it.

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