DevOps Training


Best practices of the whole process of continuous delivery

12 hours

Understand the concepts and core principles of continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps;

Understand the relationship between the elements of continuous delivery;

Master the basic principles of each dimension of continuous delivery.

Practice of DevOps development and application

12 hours

Design Devops transformation route;

Build the direction of the overall technology platform.

DOP-DevOps Professional Certificate course

12 hours

Understand the architecture of DevOps check spoto exam;

Understand the deployment pipeline and automated test process;

Understand the continuous integration process and key points;

Understand information security and change over scale.

From agile development to agile operation and maintenance

18 hours

Understand agile development management process;

Discuss the methods of agile development and agile operation and maintenance;

Analyze the classic agile development and operation and maintenance cases.

Practices and cases of three dimensional implementation framework of enterprise DevOps

12 hours

Master the management method and engineering practice of DevOps, and establish the ability to implement DevOps in the enterprise;

Locate and optimize problems according to the current situation of the enterprise, and consolidate the knowledge taught through real cases;

Learn the solution and demonstration of end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline 2.0, effectively solidify the theory and practice in the tool chain, further strengthen the understanding and implementation ability of DevOps, and help DevOps to be applied as soon as possible.

Hierarchical test and test modeling – test system under DevOps

12 hours

Understand DevOps test system;

Understand the hierarchical testing process and key points;

Understand the process and key points of test modeling;

Master how to build DevOps test system.

DOM DevOps Master Certification course

18 hours

For enterprises: improve the quality and efficiency of product and service delivery; to promote the integration of technical teams and build a more effective technical team; enhance customer value by responding to changes; reduce bottlenecks.

For individuals: prove your knowledge and skills; continuous learning and improvement; be the driver of DevOps.

Value: the only Devops master certification in the world; authoritative and neutral certification with international recognition; this paper takes the EU official ICT personnel competency framework model as an endorsement.

Continuous integration and automated testing

12 hours

Master the relationship between continuous integration and testing;

Master hierarchical automatic testing;

Master the requirement modeling of complex business and build automation framework.

Drill of “Phoenix Project”

6 hours

Through the drill of “Phoenix Project”, the course enables learners to master the application skills of DevOps theory in practice. The course lasts for one day and is a part of DevOps certification course. If you have participated in DevOps certification training class, you do not need to learn this course again.

Introduction and use of DevOps tools

30 hours

Understand the requirements of DevOps trend for supporting tools;

Understand common tools such as code management, continuous integration, layered testing, etc;

Analyze the use of DevOps tools with cases.

Best practices and cases of continuous integration and continuous delivery

12 hours

Master the basic concepts, core principles, engineering practice and tool chain implementation scheme of continuous integration / continuous delivery;

Personally feel the whole process and value of these excellent methods and practice promotion through the real cases of many large enterprises;

Learn about the continuous delivery pipeline solutions based on the integration of many open source tools, so that have the ability to implement DevOps.

Quality construction and automated testing under continuous delivery

12 hours

Understand the process and key points of continuous delivery;

Understand the process and tools of automated testing;

Master how to plan continuous delivery process;

Master how to introduce automation tools to achieve continuous delivery.

Actual application of CODING DevOps

12 hours

Understand the basic concepts of DevOps;

Understanding agile development;

Master the use of continuous integration and deployment tools;

Be familiar with the importance of continuous feedback and improvement;

Be able to use CODING DevOps to practice the whole life cycle of DevOps.

OpenShift development, operation and maintenance integration platform

30 hours

Master the principle and underlying implementation of docker container technology;

Learn the method of openshift to build enterprise level DevOps management and development integration platform.

DOF-DevOps Foundation Certificate course

12.00 hours

Master the origin and definition of DevOps;

Understand the key content of DevOps principle and focus on the value stream principle;

Deeply analyze the core content of DevOps, such as deployment pipeline, version control and configuration management;

Deeply understand DevOps application practice in the industry.

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