Difference Between New Home Builders and Renovation Builders


Living in a home that is fit to shelter us is very important and so is maintaining its condition but sometimes homes start to wear down and the once seemingly brand new appearance and sometimes durability start to reduce over time. We face the decision of whether we should move out, rebuild or renovate. Now most of us want to keep our homes as it may either be memorable or because we like the area where it is built. So the choices remain down to either building it from scratch after demolishing it or if we retain it and renovate it instead. Here is the difference between new home builders and renovation builders.

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New Home Builders

When it comes to new home builders, their area of expertise revolves around demolishing a building by taking it down to start all over from scratch. This allows them to rebuild the home completely making sure that all of the structural integrity is new and properly made. You have the option of being able to pick a layout for the shape and size of your home for them to begin building and can be assured that the new home, since newly built is sturdy and stable.


The benefits from having a home newly built gives you the opportunity of discussing with the new home builders how you want your home to be built. This allows you to allocate more space for the rooms as well as the main shape of the home as long as it’s within the land you own and follows your states laws. Building a home after demolishing an old one provides you with a brand new home which is guaranteed to last long due to the recent construction of the home itself. You will then be able to completely pick out all the designs you want when it comes to the roof, ceiling, walls and floor.


Although you get the benefit of having a brand new home rebuilt, this will take time and may cost more due to the services from demolishing the building as well as following any specific layout you want for you home. The time it takes for them to demolish the building can take days and permits are required for this and when the time comes when they are going to build the home, this will also take some time as homes are not simply built that easily so you may have to stay somewhere else for a while before you can move into your new home.

Renovation Home Builders

If there are only slight changes, extensions or fixes needed for your home, renovation is a way of restoring or upgrading it which is mostly done when a part of a home needs to be repaired due to damage or deterioration over time, home remodeling or to simply expand the building either by width or height.


Renovation is an easy way to keep your home the way it is by simply repairing the damage that has occurred weather caused by unexpected occurrences or due to the time that has cause the building to take damage. You can discuss with the renovation home builders what needs to be fixed so they can simply check the damage or inspect the area that you want to either be restored or expanded. This is a great way to keep your home the way it is, especially if there is sentimental value and you have been there for a long time. Renovating a home take much less time than rebuilding one and can be done easily within a few days.


Depending on what type of damage you are repairing or upgrades you want, a lot of checking will be required as a previous home that has existed for some time must be inspected to make sure it can handle the process of either being expanded and if the case is that your having it restored, the renovation home builders need to make a thorough analysis if the home can handle such a process. Most homes that take damage usually need extensive repair since one part that appears to be the only area damaged may actually be connected to other parts which have been affected as well. This may cost more depending on how extensive the repair is needed and will require adjustment in the event that the damage is severe.

Whether you are building a home from scratch or you plan to restore one to its previous condition, there will always be time involved as well as a sum of money due to the materials, processes and skill needed to do so. While building a home from scratch may give you the opportunity to have a brand new home, it takes its toll with time and money and as for renovating a home, the chances of restoring your home to the way it was may be almost impossible unless you plan to spend a lot on it as a home will not be the same again if a lot of time has gone by but restoring it does give it more stability and a brand new feel.

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