Digital nomads, which are the perfect cities to work remotely?

There are almost 30 million people who decided to continue working remotely in 2022. Numbers significantly lower than in 2021 and obviously falling even further compared to 2020, the year of the Covid 19 pandemic, yet it is still an important figure. Smart working is still present in 50 per cent of international companies, with benefits for all: from company overheads to the environment, from worker savings to improved quality of life.
For this reason, more and more people are looking at the world of digital nomadism, a lifestyle model that looks not only at working remotely but also at moving to other countries, other states, where perhaps the cost of living is even lower. When choosing a destination, however, one should not only look at the economic aspect, but also the practical one: which cities offer the best technological infrastructure? Where do we find the perfect internet connection? Let’s try to find out together.

The Asian Dream: Bali and Chiang Mai

Among the most popular and most searched destinations are obviously those that look eastwards to Asia. Two countries above all: Indonesia and Thailand. There are two aspects that attract the digital nomads in particular: the prices for accommodation, food and other things are affordable as well as the stunning natural and scenic beauty. Also remarkable is the community of digital nomads already active in the country, with many European boys and girls having moved here in the past years. It is also interesting to note that, among the digital nomads who move to these exotic places, there is a notable presence of professionals from the segment of software houses specialising in the production of games, such as the online slots present in the Italian market.
Indeed, this sector lends itself particularly well to remote work due to its digital nature and growing demand. The charm of countries like Indonesia and Thailand, with their low-cost living and splendid natural beauty, matches perfectly with the flexibility of this type of profession, creating a truly inviting mix for these digital workers. In fact, many of them have already chosen to be part of the vibrant communities of digital nomads that are forming in these countries.

Europe: Germany and Portugal in pole position

But if moving to the other side of the world is too high a price to pay, there are some solutions for digital nomads on the European continent as well. First and foremost, Germany, with its capital Berlin, which boasts a buzzing technology community with investors, experts, start-ups and young experts on the rise. Also important is Lisbon, where shared workspaces are invading every corner of the town, a unique city in terms of climate, art and culture.
In Berlin, the rich start-up scene attracts talented professionals from all over the world, fuelling a culture of innovation and sharing. Moreover, the presence of numerous events related to the technology sector makes the city an exciting place to keep up with the latest trends. On the other hand, Lisbon is well-known for its thriving scene of shared workspaces, ideal for digital nomads. Its mild climate, relaxed atmosphere and fascinating mix of tradition and modernity make the city irresistible to many. Both cities are now recognised as European technology hubs, making life for digital nomads not only possible, but also exciting and stimulating.
In short, the options are certainly not lacking. And are you ready to change your life?