Exploring Different Ways To Take CBD for Health and Wellness


CBD opens up a world of possibilities for health and wellness that encompass many common aspects of our lives. This unique cannabinoid obtained from the cannabis plant is known for its beneficial effects on various systems throughout the body, including those that manage pain, sleep, stress response, and immunity.

Cannabidiol, as it’s also known, has hardly any side effects and does not create major psychotropic impacts, making it a favored selection for those trying to find natural healing.

There are various methods of taking CBD, from oil and softgels to gummies and concentrates.


When CBD oil is extracted from hemp using processes such as ethanol or CO2 it yields a raw material that contains a number of other beneficial hemp compounds, including cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes, lipids, and flavonoids. All of these cannabis components are believed to contribute to hemp’s many observed health properties.

The raw extract that comes from the extraction process is refined into concentrated raw materials that use processes such as distillation to remove unwanted compounds, leaving only the active ingredients.

One of the most potent types of concentrates produced with this refinement process is CBD distillate, which can contain up to 90% cannabidiol concentrations. These distillates, often categorized as full spectrum or broad spectrum concentrates also contain cannabinoids like cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG), along with natural plant terpenes, all of which have been shown to support health benefits. Distillates can be blended into just about any type of product, making them a flexible CBD material used in oils, foods, beverages, and topical products. They are so concentrated that they can also be used directly in electronic vaporizer products without the addition of other ingredients like vape oils.

Concentrates like distillate can be further processed and refined to create what are known as isolate powders. Because multi-spectrum distillates contain cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and even THC, manufacturing technologies such as chromatography can be used to isolate specific compounds. This process yields what are referred to as “isolates” because they contain only a single compound in extremely high concentrations. For example, a high quality CBD isolate powder may contain over 99% cannabidiol.

Like full spectrum distillate, an isolate powder can be used as a base material to produce just about any other type of CBD product. Because the strong aromatic terpenes have been removed, it is often a common choice for those looking to take high concentrations of CBD orally or mixed in drinks due to the lack of strong taste or smell associated with other kinds of concentrates.


CBD oil is the most popular way to take cannabidiol because it can be ingested orally, taken sublingually under the tongue, and applied topically to target areas on the skin. It can also be added to drinks or recipes.

These types of oils come in many forms and are produced from a concentrate such as a full spectrum or broad spectrum distillate. For those looking to take a CBD product that also includes other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and federally legal amounts of trace THC, full spectrum CBD oil blends are the way to go. They have been widely researched in clinical studies and shown to provide an entourage effect of benefits, believed by scientists to be the result of the various components of hemp working together.

CBD oil can also be manufactured with a CBD isolate powder to create a pure CBD isolate oil that is devoid of any other compounds. These isolate oils are quite popular among users who prefer to avoid even minuscule amounts of THC that may be found in distillate-based products.

While CBD products like distillates and isolates provide high concentrations of cannabidiol, new technological advances in extraction and blending have yielded oils with significantly high potencies of cannabidiol that are clinically effective.

CBD oils are the most versatile option for people looking to use cannabidiol for various reasons like cognitive support, stress relief, and pain because they can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin. They are also recommended for pet owners seeking natural medicines for their cat or dog.

CBD Softgels

For those unfamiliar with CBD or who prefer a more traditional approach, softgels are the ideal option. CBD softgels are similar to small capsules containing CBD oil, which can be consumed like any other pill.

CBD softgels offer dosage control, portability, and convenience. Each softgel contains a pre-measured amount of CBD, so no more guessing. Moreover, because your CBD oil is encapsulated in a softgel, you don’t have to worry about the mess that can be created when using a CBD oil dropper.

When it comes to dosage, experts suggest you start low and go slow. CBD softgels make this convenient, as they are available in dosage ranges from 5 mg to 25 mg of cannabidiol per capsule.

CBD Edibles

If you’re on the lookout for a pleasing, flavorful, and a more personal way to take cannabidiol, edibles could be an ideal option. Edibles can come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, like cookies, brownies, gummies, chocolates, teas or honey sticks – the options are practically limitless.

Here are a few of the more popular edibles available:

  • CBD Gummies: These chewy candies often resemble traditional gummy bears or worms but are infused with CBD.
  • CBD Chocolates: A delicious treat that combines the benefits of dark chocolate with cannabidiol.
  • CBD Beverages: From coffee to tea to smoothies – there’s a drinkable form of CBD for everyone’s taste buds.
  • CBD Honey Sticks: Get the health benefits of raw honey infused with the properties of cannabidiol. Honey sticks can be squeezed directly into one’s mouth, into a beverage or onto your favorite snack food.

If you prefer to create your own snacks, use a high potency CBD oil or concentrate (like a distillate or isolate) and add directly to your favorite recipe to create homemade brownies, cookies, or rice crispies.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are popular among users who want to reduce pain, inflammation, and skin issues right where it hurts. Creams, lotions, balms, salves, sprays and patches infused with cannabidiol that can be put directly onto the skin are becoming increasingly popular.

When you apply CBD topicals to your skin, they are quickly absorbed by cannabinoid receptors in the epidermal layer of the skin without crossing into the bloodstream. This interaction activates the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and signals the central nervous system (CNS) to mitigate pain in the target area.

Topicals have been shown to not just reduce pain but they’re great for skincare, too. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, those experiencing everything from rashes and eczema to acne and skin irritation report positive results.

You can also infuse your favorite skincare and beauty products with CBD oil, distillate, or isolate if you prefer to continue using your existing daily regimen. This further enhances what’s already working for you.

Balancing Health Benefits With Responsible Use

Adding CBD to your health routine is like adding a cherry on top of an existing daily wellness regimen. CBD can complement existing strategies that have been implemented to help with pain relief, anxiety reduction, and sleep improvement, among other things.

Speak with your doctor if you have concerns about adding CBD to your diet or for topical application, as it may interfere with certain prescription medications.

You can also check out elevate-holistics.com/get-a-medical-marijuana-card/missouri/ for more great options.

Take CBD responsibly by starting with a low dosage and increasing it over time, depending on how your body responds.

Using cannabidiol and other hemp extracts over weeks and months may provide the most beneficial results. 

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