FAMISAFE; A supporting & most Reliable APP for parents


In the present era of advancement, everything is unexpectedly changed by the internet and other global communication system. Our access is increased globally via the internet and other media it is totally revolutionary. The present system gives us access to the whole world without any limitations and restrictions. Not only elders but also children can get access to any site on the internet either it is restricted for them or not. They can get access to any cyberbullying and violence promoting sites. This is really an alarming situation for parents keeping in the view all of these parental problems one the most famous application software developing company Wonder share has launched the most reliable parental control app which is named as FAMISAFE. It is one of the most evolutionary tech software for parents which helps them to keep check and balance on their kids by controlling their internet operating system devises or Android devices.


Famisafe is not only an app it is a hope for parents who wants to keep check and balance on their kids to see how they are using their IOS & ANDROID devices. Parents should ensure the right use of the internet operating systems of their kids.

Femisafe is well aware of all of these problems of parents that’s why in this regard it possesses all those features which can prove to be useful.


Screen Monitoring

As you know that it is not possible to keep your child in front of your eye the whole day on another hand you must be aware of what your children are up to whole the day. This feature includes monitoring of screen usage helps to check web contents which helps parents to keep an eye on their kids by monitoring their screen timing and usage of different apps.

Location tracking

Famesafe comprises an excellent feature of location tracking which helps you to keep an eye on your kids that is location tracking. By this feature, parents can know the exact location of their kid and in addition to this, they can also check the location history of their kids to know where they have been wandering whole the day.

GEO fencing

It is one of the most appreciating features of famisafe which helps parents to apply geographical limits to their kids which is really important for them. Parents can set a radius of up to 1000m and they will also receive an alert when this their kid steps out of the fixed radius. With this feature, the child will remain in the reachable zone in the case of any emergency. Which is for the best benefit of their security.

BLOCKING App & Sites

Famisafe comprises of most useful feature which is app blocking. You can block the inappropriate sites and frequently over using apps from the IOS of your kid’s devise. Cyberbullying is another issue and here you got a good solution to it you can block the gambling and other restricted sites from the device of your kid. Not only this you can also edit the block list.


This app can easily be accessed and managed by the parent’s phone. This can easily be installed and processed easily. It is easily available on Google play store for Android and APP store for Apple devices, which make it access able to everyone.

There is also 3 days free trial for beginners so that you can enjoy demo. There are budget supporting different offers monthly quarterly and annually rims.


The coupon code is SENSFSOFF which will provide its customer with a flat 20% off.

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