Five Things That Make Your Home Natural Gas Compliant

When you want your home to be ready for natural gas, you can use the steps below to upgrade. You can work with your natural gas company to get the house ready for a new installation, and you can help adapt the house to natural gas. Go through this list with your natural gas company, and remember that your home much be compliant in every way before the gas can be turned on. In fact, your natural gas provider cannot turn on the gas until they know the house is compliant.

1. Do You Have The Proper Gas Lines In The House?

When you check Alberta natural gas prices history, you will find that natural gas is the most efficient option for you as a homeowner. You should have the proper gas lines installed in the house before you can use it to run your oven, dryer, heater, and hot water heater.

If you have old piping in the house, you need to talk to an installer about replacing all the pipe with something that satisfies the local building codes. Your installer can even do a mock inspection to ensure the work was done properly.

2. Carbon Monoxide Meter

You need a carbon monoxide meter in the house that will give you an idea of any issues you may have with leaks. The natural gas line has a bit of sulfur added so that you can smell it, but some leaks are so small that you cannot smell them. The meter that you install in your house will alert you any time carbon monoxide is detected, and you can shut off the gas, air out the house, and call the gas company for help. All leaks must be repaired by a trained professional.

3. Capped Gas Lines

All the gas lines in and around your property should be capped properly. You must have a professional installer check the property for any uncapped lines, and you could ask your gas company to send an inspector who will help you. The gas company will cap lines that are not in the house, but you need to make sure all the extraneous pipes in the house are capped properly.

4. Line Surveys

You should have a line survey done around your home so that gas lines are not installed too close to water pipes or power lines. The line survey will show what is happening on your property, and you need to ask the gas company if they have space to install your new line.

You may have an idea if where the line should be installed because you want it to enter the house in an obscure place. If the gas company cannot reach that location, they will show you an alternative installation location.

5. Upgraded Service Installation

The service installation for your home must use upgraded products that are used in the industry today. You can talk tot he gas company about the new products they will use for service installation, and you will need a new meter that gives you the most accurate readings. You could even pay for a very nice meter that you know will help add value to the house.


There are a number of ways for you to upgrade your home when you are using natural gas, and you should consult with your natural gas company about making these changes. You can add gas lines tot he property, put new pipes in the house, buy a carbon monoxide meter, and have all your gas lines capped. Ensure that your gas company can install lines outside your house while you begin to upgrade the home.