Getting Bored With Your Current Video Player App? Presenting the best media player app


Video Player applications in smartphones have become increasingly important. Today you can hardly find anyone who has a smartphone without a video player app. You might as well be using a third-party video player available on the play store but it’s time to upgrade from it.

Having said that, ASD Rocks Video Player app can be your upgrade! With a brilliant user-friendly interface and exclusive features like no other app and high-definition videos, this sure is the best video player app. This app can be a fresh addition to your Android smartphone! And we will discuss why this app can be your upgrade below!

Why Do You Need to Upgrade to the ASD Rocks Video Player app?

Let me introduce to you an HD video player application that can take your video-watching experience to another level. Below we are discussing some of the most amazing features of this app!

1. All-in-One Media Player App

All-in-One Media Player App

With ASD Rocks Video Player app is a multi-media player. Where you can not only watch videos on your Android smartphone but can also listen to offline & online songs on your device, and view and manage photos in your device’s gallery!

This media player app also supports all popular media file formats like MP4, MOV, MP3 3GP, and much more. You can also play videos in 4K.

2. Watch Offline and Online Videos

Watch videos, movies, and shows on your device offline and if your device doesn’t have any videos, this isn’t a problem with the ASD Rocks Video Player app. As you can easily watch trending online videos, movies, and shows from this media player app.

The online videos are available from all genres and from various regions of the world. So with this HD video player app, there isn’t any end to entertainment!

3. Online and Offline Subtitles

Enable offline subtitles for your videos with a quick and simple click on this media player’s menu. Similarly, if your videos don’t already have subtitles then you can search for them online and in your preferred language. From there you can download the subtitles and play it along with your video.

You also get the functionality to customize the font, colour, and size of the subtitles!

4. Dual Audio

Dual Audio

Want to watch your favourite international movies and shows in your native language? You can do that now with the ASD Rocks Video Player app. Simply enable this function for the movies and shows that come with different audio options.

Now with this media player app, never let language be the barrier to exploring international shows and movies.

5. Video Downloader

Video Downloader

Download social media videos on the go! With the ASD Rocks Video Player app you can download HD videos from multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.

With this built-in Video downloader, simply copy the link of the video from any social media platform and paste it into the browser of the Rocks Video Player app. Hit the download button and within seconds your video will be downloaded. Access the downloaded videos, Instagram reels, and more from the storage of this media player app or your device’s gallery.

6. Floating Video Player

Floating Video Player

Got a message to reply while watching your favourite video? You can now do them both at exactly the same time. with the Floating video player. A small screen is pinned on the large screen of your smartphone. So while surfing other apps and browsers you can watch your video in this floating video player.

There is also an option to play your videos as audio files with this media player app. The Background video player feature is perfect for saving time and battery for your device!

7. Sound Equaliser

Sound Equaliser

Boost the bass of your sci-fi or animated movies and experience the sound effects like a cinema hall. With this feature of the ASD Rocks Video Player app, you can enhance the sound quality of any video or music file. The equalizer allows you to adjust the bass by selecting from a variety of music genres from this HD video player app, including classical, dance, folk, hip-hop, jazz, and more.

8. Video Locker

Video Locker

Save important and private media files like videos, songs, and photos from nosy individuals by hiding them in the pin-protected video locker of this media player app. You can anytime unhide these files.

The ASD Rocks Video Player app gives you the functionality to keep your private videos just for yourself. This option also preserves your files from getting deleted by mistake.

9. Child Lock

If your kids are watching cartoons or movies on your device then you can enable the child lock from the player menu of this 4K video player app. This feature will keep your kids from operating other apps on your phone or making any changes to it.

The child lock will keep them in the video player app and they will not be able to exit the app or the video.

10. Themes


Beautify the look and feel of this 4K video player app and personalize it according to your taste. Choose from multiple themes that can instantly uplift the visuals of the app and give a premium finish to it. You can choose from more than 30 different themes.

There are Flat Themes with basic colour changes of bars, Gradient Themes, Player Themes, and Premium Themes for you to choose from and customize the video player app just for yourself.

11. Ad Free experience

Loved the ASD Rocks Video Player app so far? Go ad-free with this app. You can purchase the premium version of the app that comes with many exclusive features that add more fun and comfort of video watching from anywhere and at any time.

There are many premium features like online lyrics, beautiful premium app themes, filter duplicate media file features, and a first experience with all upcoming features!!

12. Web Browser

Web Browser

Browsing the net while watching videos can add an extra layer of comfort. The built-in browser of this app allows you to surf the internet from this video player app itself, so you won’t even have to exit the app.

You can even manage the history, bookmarks, and new tabs easily from the built-in browser. Truly this video player app does so much more than just play videos.

Your Takeaway

Change is necessary to elevate our experience and make things more convenient and appealing to us. If you are someone who loves to watch videos, movies, shows, or listen to music, this is your chance to upgrade your media player app with ASD Rocks Video Player app.

This Video player app is free to use and comes with a plethora of exclusive features. The attractive user interface and intuitive app navigation of the app make it so smooth to use. You can play all popular video and audio formats with this app which makes it a perfect MP4 player and MP3 media player.

Other exclusive features of the Rocks Video Player app include subtitles, dual audio, a video downloader, a web browser, a sound equalizer, beautiful app themes and so much more. So try the app now and we can assure you you will never have to find another upgrade from this video player app!

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