Gift ideas for creatives


So, the clock is ticking down, and you need to buy a present for your creative friend stat. It might seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know much about their chosen field, however, I wouldn’t panic. Buying for creatives is actually a lot easier than you’d think. Not how to tie a tie easy, but definitely achievable. Whether they’re a musician, artist, writer, or something else, there are some surefire options to keep them inspired and show them that you’re invested in their pursuits.

Who’s their inspiration?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a creative who wasn’t inspired by somebody. For a guitarist, it may have been a video of Jimi Hendrix performing at Woodstock, shredding away to a crowd in awe. For a painter, it may have been the first time they saw The Starry Night from Van Gogh and became totally enraptured by the bright colours and visible brushstrokes. For a writer, it may have been the first time they read Lord of The Rings and discovered the magic of vivid descriptions, world-building, and escapism. Maybe even a Hentai for an aspiring animator.

There are many kinds of gifts for different occasions, beach house gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just like most people say “its the thought that counts”.

If you’re able to find out who motivated their creative journey, any gift relating to that person will be an absolute winner. Whether it’s a poster, photobook or autobiography, your friend is bound to treasure such a thoughtful gesture.

The gift of music

Unsurprisingly, a lot of creatives tune in to some of their favourite tunes when they’re working. Music has a plethora of benefits, from increased motivation to lifting your mood, to even teaching you something you didn’t know about yourself. For example, this killer performance of Flaws by San Cisco. Picking up a vinyl of an album you know your friend loves is a classy gift. Not only does vinyl retain its value and provide a beautiful visual cover; it’s also the best way to listen to music at a high quality. The gift of music is a gift that will last forever, but definitely make sure your friend likes the band or musicians you choose! Creatives can be quite picky.  According to Upbeat Geek are works of art.  Be sure to learn more about the history of the record player here.


In every creative field, there is an array of paraphernalia and gear that comes with it. Being creative is rarely a cheap endeavour! For example, think of all the necessary tools required for a painter. An easel, brushes, paints, canvas – the list goes on. Even Soundcloud rappers need more than a Youtube to mp3 converter. If your budget isn’t huge, you can even just single out one of these tools and purchase a really high-quality product that could replace their existing tool. If your friend likes the paraphernalia you bought them, it will become a gift that keeps on giving, every time they get to work.

Ticket to an event

This is probably my favourite option here. Nothing says ‘I’m invested in your interests’ like picking up a ticket to a show or exhibition and saying ‘want to come to this with me?’. Suddenly, your gift becomes an experience that you both share together. Whether it’s an upcoming exhibition, concert, or performance, not only do you both have a lot of fun, but you’re also showing support to the industry your friend cares about.

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