Haitians Can Now Play GG World Keno and GG World Million


It was extremely delightful amongst Haitians when Haiti Lotto launched its operations in the country. This news provides some relief to the lottery enthusiasts in the country who have been looking for opportunities to play international lottery games.

If you are new to the world of lottery games, don’t worry for we will share important information about the lottery games on offer and how you can play them.

About GG World Keno

GG World Keno is an exciting international lottery game that allows players to determine how much they can win in a lottery game. Yes, you can decide how much you win when playing GG World Keno. This is because the game has stakes that can be multiplied to increase your winnings.

When you start playing this game, you will be choosing 1-10 numbers from a pool of 1-70. This means that you can pick any number that you want from this range. The numbers that you pick are your lucky numbers. After you have picked, you will put the stake (multiplier). The higher the stake, the higher the amount that you are likely to win. For example, if you pick 10 numbers and get them all correctly, you will earn HTG 2.5 million with a stake of x1. If you put a stake of x10 and win, your winnings will be HTG 25 million.

Therefore, the player determines how much they can win when they multiply their stakes. It is also a good game because winnings are spread to accommodate players who get one correct number.

About GG World Million

This is a perfect game for jackpot lovers. The game has an amazing jackpot prize on offer. The Haiti Lotto has put the minimum jackpot prize at HTG 92,000,000. The jackpot rolls over if there is no winner, meaning that it gets bigger every week a winner is not announced.

Playing GG World Million is pretty simple. You just pick 5 main numbers and 2 extra numbers. The 5 numbers are picked from a larger pool of 1-50 while the extra numbers are picked from a smaller pool of 1-12.

To win the jackpot, you must match all 7 numbers correctly. However, the winnings don’t end at the jackpot. You can also win some cash prizes if you matched some numbers correctly. You can start winning when you match 2 numbers correctly. Visit lotto.HT official website to get information about the amount of money you will win when you match some numbers correctly.

How to get started?

The most exciting thing is that these games are accessible online. You don’t have to walk all the way to a lottery store to buy a ticket for an upcoming lottery draw. You simply need to log in to the official website to get started. You will register for free and start playing immediately. Similarly, you can track your winnings on the official website of Haiti Lotto – Lotto.HT

Players can also get free tickets when they play from the official website of Haiti Lotto.

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