High Performance Home: Choosing a Good Kitchen Layout


High performance homes have become a real hit in the past few years. And, not without a good reason. Promoting efficiency, improving inside air quality and generally keeping sustainability in mind, these are the homes of the future. Designed to have a good impact on the environment, while also keeping the occupants comfortable.

The kitchen is, of course, the heart of any home. And, building on the concept of high performance, efficient kitchen layouts are those that streamline the workflow, maximize functionality, enhance organization, as well as promote energy efficiency. These kinds of kitchens prioritize sustainability and functionality, while at the same time being able to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle.

So, it is absolutely no wonder that you are thinking of having the perfect high performance kitchen installed in your home. The only thing is, you may not be sure how to actually choose the right layout to make it happen. Whether you are building a brand new property, or just renovating your current one, choosing the right kitchen layout will certainly be a huge task. And – one that has to be done right.

This is what we are going to do, thus. Below I will share some tips that will lead you through the process of choosing a good kitchen layout. You will learn what to consider and which steps to take towards making the best choice. Therefore, you will ultimately get prepared to make the right decisions and to have the perfect kitchen designed and installed in your home.

1. Workflow Matters

Since we are talking about increasing efficiency, there is no doubt that you’ll need to consider the workflow when trying to create the perfect layout. There is a concept known as “work triangle”, which indicates you should place the fridge, the sink and the cooktop in a triangular layout, aiming at optimizing efficiency. You should, of course, remember to leave enough space between these crucial elements, to make moving around easier while prepping and serving the food.

Get some more ideas on the layouts in general: https://www.southernliving.com/home/kitchen/kitchen-layout-ideas

2. Maximize Space Utilization

Apart from ensuring a good flow in this room of your home, you will also need to make sure that the space is properly utilized. Smart storage solutions and similar things can help you maximize space utilization. And, of course, custom cabinetry is the right way to go, as it will be tailored specifically to your needs, as well as use all the space available in the area to the fullest.

Maximize Space Utilization

3. Lighting Is Important

Maximizing natural light whenever it is possible is the best thing you can do for your kitchen. This will increase the overall performance of your home and the overall energy efficiency, as you won’t have to use artificial lighting during the day. Plus, the natural light will feel make the area much more comfortable, and more aesthetically appealing.

4. So Are Ergonomics

Now, here is something that you may not have thought about, but that certainly does play a huge role in the quality of the design you are trying to make. In the simplest words possible, you need to think about ergonomics. Position the work surfaces and the appliances at comfortable heights, so as to reduce fatigue and strain while performing the necessary kitchen tasks. Adjustable countertops, hands-free appliances, ergonomic faucets and similar products will increase the comfort, the convenience and the ease of use.

5. Choose the Right Materials

Since we are talking about high performance kitchens, it goes without saying that you will need to choose the right materials. Apart from choosing those that align with your overall style, you should also choose those that are durable, and that will, therefore, last for a long time. You could perhaps get a better idea about how to choose the materials if you visit this page.

6. Go for High Quality Appliances

The appliances you will buy for your kitchen should also be highly durable and of great quality. After all, you don’t want to wind up needing to, say, buy a new fridge just a couple of months after you’ve bought one. The same goes for the stoves and for any other appliances you are planning on adding to your kitchen. Apart from making sure that they are of great quality, you should also look into their energy efficiency, so as to save money on electricity in the long run.

7. Keep Your Budget in Mind

One last thing to know. Sure, you’ll want to choose the very best for your kitchen, starting with materials and ending with the perfect appliances. What you will have to keep in mind, though, is that you have a budget to stick to. Meaning, thus, that you should be careful not only about what you’re buying, but also where you are buying it, aiming at getting the best deals and ultimately being able to design this area without having to go over the set budget.

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