Hiring a Boise pest control company? Check these tips!


Homeowners in Boise can take preventive measures to avoid pest infestation. It is wrongly assumed that pests are only found in some areas or shabby homes. Insects, rodents, rats, and bugs can be found anywhere. If you have spotted pests in plain sight, you need to call an exterminator at the earliest. Companies like Barrier Pest in Boise offer affordable services with immediate response. For your help, we are sharing a few other tips for selecting the right service.

  1. Get recommendations. If your friends and neighbors have used pest control services in the past, you can ask for recommendations. You can also check online to find the best-rated local services in your area.
  2. Check reviews. Typically, customers only post reviews if they are too happy or angry. Independent reviews on Google can be really handy for creating a shortlist of worthwhile pest control services.
  3. Ask about experience. How long have you been dealing with pest control? That’s probably the most basic question you can ask. Exterminators with years of experience have their reputation at stake, and they wouldn’t want to risk that.
  4. Enquire about their methods. Many chemicals and pesticides used for pest control are unsafe for the environment, other animals and humans. Exterminators are now trying to use methods and products that are not as toxic. If you worry about the safety of your home, this is worth discussing.
  5. Check important details. A pest control company must be licensed, insured, and should be associated with relevant professional bodies. You need to specifically enquire about liability insurance as most jobs in this industry are risky.
  6. Get an inspection done. Before you ask for an estimate, ask the company to inspect your property for possible damage and signs of infestation. A pest control service that offers a quote before checking the property isn’t your best choice.
  7. Ask about costs. No matter the problem, you need to hire a company that can offer long-term pest control solutions. Professional companies often make an effort to explain their methods and ways to the customer to justify the costs. You can expect to get an estimate in advance.

Finally, do not forget to discuss the warranty. If a company is confident of its expertise, it should offer some assurance on the workmanship. You should also consider asking for a detailed contract and service report. The technicians from the company should also inform you of the preventive measures to prevent further problems.

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