History of Mojang

Mojang was founded by Markus Perrson, a half Swedish and half Finnish man who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born on June 1, 1979 and, as soon as he was able, began to develop games. His first game was created when he was a text-based adventure game and he created it when he was only eight. He retained his love of programming for many years until he decided to found Mojang with one other man named Jacob Porser. Markus immediately put into production a game he originally would call “Cavegame” but would later be changed to the very popular world-wide game called Minecraft.

Minecraft was designed to submerge a player into a sandbox world where the only limit was the player’s imagination. Minecraft is a completely sandbox game where there are now three gamemodes, survival, creative, and hardcore. Survival is where every mob, or monster, in the game can hurt you and you have to survive by building houses, mining resources deep under the ground, and planting food. In survival the resources are limited, so you must come up with creative ways to restock those resources and keep playing the game. The second gamemode, creative, is where you are basically the god of the world. You have unlimited resources, access to flight and special in game commands that allow you to do anything you want, whether that be build a huge castle, or show off special machines build with a material called redstone. The final gamemode, hardcore is only for the players who desire an even greater challenge than survival. Hardcore thrusts you into a world where you only have one life, you regenerate health slower, and the mobs are significantly more powerful. If you die even once in hardcore, your world is automatically deleted from your game, never to be seen again.

Mojang developed another game soon after Minecraft was released. It is called Scrolls, and Mojang aimed to create a new type of game that combined themes and elements from board games with strategy and tactics, to create the perfect world of war. Scrolls involves the summoning of fantastic creatures, spells, enchantments, machines of war into the game to battle it out with your other rival players and friends. You can summon creatures, whose variety ranges from powerful human warriors, to terrible demons and beasts of the wild.

Mojang collaborated with another gaming company called Oxeye Game Studio in the creation of a new sci-fi game called Cobalt. Cobalt is a game where you fight as small robots in an arena. This may sound like your average shooter game, but it is most definitely not. A very cool feature about this game is that when the bullets approach you, time slows down around you, allowing you to do fantastic leaps and dodges around the arena.

Notch, as a separate side project, recently began working on a new game called 0x10c. This was meant to be a similar game to Minecraft, except it would be more of a sci-fy version that included planets, smooth space to planet transitions, and space stations. Unfortunately for the gaming community, Notch decided to go to other things because he got bored with working on 0x10c. However, a version of the game might still be released as a hardcore group of fans are currently working on the game, building on how they think Notch might have designed it himself.

Mojang to this day is still working feverishly to release better, more sophisticated versions of the games they already have out. They may also be working on new games to release to the public soon, though none of this information has been disclosed to the public. Mojang aims to bring a new era of games to the community.