Honda CR-V Colors: What Options Are Available?


You have your eyes set on a Honda CR-V, but what color should you purchase? Read this guide on Honda CR-V colors to help you decide.

Everyone wants their new car to stand out among the masses. It’s the reason why Honda CRV colors like mint green and imperial purple have been trendy lately. Whether you’re in the market for a fuel-efficient commuter car or a sturdy and reliable SUV, one thing is certain: colors matter.

The 2023 Honda CRV is a standout SUV regardless of color, but it also gives you the chance to make your vehicle truly unforgettable. Read on to learn more about Honda CRV colors and the options available to you.

Let’s get into it!

Canyon River Blue Metallic

Canyon River Blue Metallic is one of the most popular options with its deep blue and metallic tones that shine in the daylight. This color option gives the Honda CRV a luxurious and eye-catching look. Canyon River Blue Metallic creates a comfortable and calming presence, making the vehicle feel safe and secure for its occupants.

The color provides a unique blend of blue and gray hues that stands out in any environment. The metallic finish gives the color a more luxurious and sophisticated look that adds a subtle touch of elegance to your CRV.

Crystal Black Pearl

One of the popular colors is Crystal Black Pearl – a great choice for anyone looking for a sleek, modern look. The black shade paired with the pearl elements produces a captivating finish that is sure to turn heads. The glistening finish adds just the right amount of elegance and class, making it ideal for those who want to make a statement.

The shade is an eye-catching, seductive black tint that features a depth of color and a shimmering finish. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a sleek, professional aesthetic.

The hue is accentuated by chrome details like the door handles and alloy wheels. Its glossy, dark finish gives the car an air of luxury that stands out from the rest.

Lunar Silver Metallic

The Lunar Silver Metallic gives the CRV a fresh and modern look which perfectly complements its sporty and attractive exterior. On the interior, the Lunar Silver Metallic creates a look that is both contemporary and comfortable, making this option a great choice for those that want a sophisticated and luxurious car experience.

Lunar Silver Metallic is a timeless classic Honda CR-V color and continues to be a popular choice. It is a safe and classy choice, working well with other color styling choices for wheels and trim. Consider Lunar Silver Metallic the next time you are looking for an eye-catching finish to your Honda CR-V.

Light and dark silvers blend in an eye-catching pattern, making the vehicle stand out from the crowd. They have a striking depth of color that looks particularly stunning when the sunshine hits them and perfectly complements the exterior styling of the CRV. This finish also works with the array of available exterior features to add an extra element of style and sophistication.

Meterorite Gray Metallic

This color is a beautiful dark gray with silver metallic flakes. It shines in the sunlight and emits a feeling of sophistication, luxury, and grace. In addition to Meteorite Gray Metallic, other color options include White Diamond Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Basque Red Pearl II, Crystal Black Pearl, and Lunar Silver Metallic.

New Honda CRV colors are wide-ranging and versatile. Among them is the Meteorite Gray Metallic, which is a timeless color with hints of light and dark gray. It’s a classical color that can fit any style and look great with aftermarket upgrades or any customizations.

Platinum White Pearl

The Platinum White Pearl color option is a popular choice for the Honda CRV due to its blend of modern style and sophistication. The classic yet fresh design of this hue is perfect for anyone looking to give their CRV a touch of luxuriousness, as the base color is a pearlized hue that reflects light brilliantly.

This eye-catching color is a great choice for drivers who want to stand out from the crowd. The Honda CRV Platinum White Pearl is a stunning alternative to its more classic colors.

The metallic finish shows off the modern architecture of the CRV in style. For drivers wanting to make a bold statement with their CRV, the Platinum White Pearl provides the perfect look.

Still Night Pearl

If you are looking for a color that will stand out without being too flashy, still, Night Pearl is a great pick. The color nicely accents the vehicle’s angular features, emphasizing the Honda CRV’s sleek and polished exterior. This color is sure to add a higher level of sophistication to any Honda CRV.

The deep blue color is enhanced by a subtle silvery shimmer, making it a truly luxurious color that looks just as good in direct sunlight as it does on a starry night.

Inside the car, premium-quality materials further complement the Still Night Pearl paint job with stylish leather, chrome accents, and soft-touch finishes that set it apart from any other car on the road. Whether you’re in search of a sleek, modern look or just want to make a statement, Still Night Pearl is an excellent choice for the Honda CRV.

Urban Gray Pearl

Urban Gray Pearl signifies a blend of both gray and blue tones, providing a contemporary and stylish look. Its subtle complexity is perfect for those wanting to stand out in the urban environment while upholding a handsome design. Not only does it look good, but it is also unique, instantly making it recognizable and unmistakable.

This color is perfect for a modern-looking urban-style road vehicle and can truly set the CRV apart from other vehicles on the road. It has a sleek, professional look that will match the attitude of the CRV owner. The Urban Gray Pearl is a great choice for anyone who is looking to make a statement with their CRV while also having a more sophisticated and urban look.

The Best Choices for Honda CRV Colors

In conclusion, the Honda offers a variety of stylish colors for buyers. These are the best Honda CRV colors: Lunar Silver Metallic, Basque Red Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, White Diamond Pearl, and many others.

No matter what your preference is, Honda has the perfect color option for you. Visit your nearest Honda dealership today to explore the Honda CRV and find the perfect color that suits your style!

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