How Many Amps Are Required For a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner?


Ductless mini splits offer heating and cooling for areas hard to access with traditional ductwork, including closets, old radiator covers, and even stairwells. They’re easy to install – simply slide them into place!

Wattage requirements of ductless heat pumps will typically be listed on their nameplate or product description or calculated using an online formula.

If you’ve decided that you want to install a ductless mini-split, you should team up with a reliable HVAC company that works with ductless systems, like Hurliman Heating.

Power Requirements

Ductless mini splits consist of two distinct units – an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit holds the compressor, one coil used as a condenser when operating in cooling mode; while its counterpart, which serves as an evaporator during the heating mode, is contained within its indoor unit. These units communicate via refrigerant line sets.

Finding out the power requirements of a ductless mini split can be done by consulting its nameplate or technical information on its manufacturer’s website, using factors like its wattage, voltage and EER ratings to calculate its power requirements.

As with other major appliances, ductless mini split air conditioners require their own dedicated circuit with a disconnect box to facilitate servicing or repairs without disrupting other devices in your home. A suitable circuit breaker should be installed in the electrical panel before wires of the adequate gauge are routed between it and the disconnect box.


Ductless mini-splits are ideal for spaces without existing ductwork, such as garages, home additions and unfinished rooms. In these areas where natural imbalances affect comfort, these heating and cooling systems can provide much-needed solutions.

Your system requires the appropriate voltage depending on its size; typically, 9k-12k BTU models typically require 220V, while smaller units may use 110V. As these permanent installations will be wired directly into your electrical service panel, ensure it can handle additional voltage by having an appropriately-sized breaker box.

By code, an outdoor unit must also include a disconnect box that enables technicians to turn off the power during maintenance and repairs. A non-fused disconnect box is preferred over one with a fuse because fuses could add resistance that could harm circuits.


Ductless mini splits offer zone control without the hassle of installing ductwork and adding central air systems, giving you an efficient heating and cooling solution for each home zone. Your breaker requirements depend on factors like the number of zones, size, voltage requirements, and how often the units need replacing.

Finding out how many amps your unit requires can be easily done by consulting its nameplate or technical information on its manufacturer’s website. You will find what BTU, voltage, and EER ratings are necessary for that model.

An additional consideration when setting up your circuit should be installing a surge protector to safeguard its electrical components from power spikes or other events that could potentially cause them damage or destruction.

A professional technician can ensure your wiring meets regulations and is properly sized for your new equipment. They can also recommend the appropriate cable options to suit your requirements.


The size of the required breaker depends on the cooling capacity of your system.

Electrical wiring requirements for ductless mini splits should be properly completed to avoid fire hazards and ensure their optimal functioning. All wires should have the appropriate gauge, thickness, and be UL-listed – professional electrical services should handle this task to ensure all work meets code compliance and meets code regulations.

A disconnect box is an installation near an outdoor unit that enables technicians to cut power to an air conditioner for servicing or repairs, without using a fused disconnect. A connecting cable serves to transport both power and control information between indoor and outdoor units – typically 14 AWG 4-conductor stranded wire.

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