How Much Does It Cost To Have an Interior House Painted?


A nicely painted house is hygienic and welcoming. Whether you are considering repainting your interior or moving into a new house, knowing the costs will enable you to make the right decisions. The average cost of painting a house ranges between $2.20 to $3.80 per square meter. You can expect an excellent painting job when you have an interior house painter you can count on. However, this cost may increase if repairs are required before painting. In addition, other major factors can affect the cost, including the height of the house and the accessibility of the surfaces to be painted. For example, painting higher ceilings can increase the cost substantially. Below are the average costs for painting the various parts of your house:


The average cost of painting a bedroom can range between $360 to $600. Some of the factors that contribute to this cost include the size and the layout of the bedroom. It is important to note that a master bedroom is usually larger compared to an ordinary guest bedroom, which means that it is more expensive to paint the former than the latter. The average cost of painting a master bedroom ranges between $480 to $940.

Dining Room

The dining room is often small or medium-sized with little movable furniture, making it easier to paint. You can pay around $380 to $675 to get your dining room painted. Sometimes, some features in the dining room, like a bookcase, can add to the complexity of the painting work, which will lead to increased costs. Remember to communicate to your painter about any delicate item in the dining room before starting the painting job.

Living Room

Living rooms are usually larger than other rooms in the house. As a result, painting them is costly due to the time required to complete the painting job. Therefore, you can expect to pay $740 to $1200 to get your living room painted.


Painting kitchen spaces is easier since cabinets, backsplashes, and appliances occupy most wall space. The average cost of painting a kitchen ranges between $360 to $740. Generally, this cost is reasonable compared to the cost of painting the other rooms in the house.


Getting an average painting cost for stairways can be tricky. This is due to the complexity of ladder placements and the accessibility of every part of the stairway. Moreover, most stairways are accompanied by higher ceilings, have multiple landing spaces, and lead to other open spaces. The higher the ceilings, the harder it will be to access all the parts of the wall due to the staggered stairs. It will take around $490 to $940 to paint the stairway walls in a house.

Hallways And Entryways

A well-organized and beautiful entryway will make your home feel more welcoming. Generally, it is easier to paint hallways; hence their painting costs are relatively low. However, some hallways can be challenging to paint, especially when they lead to entryways or loft rooms. It is also important to note that entryways are high-traffic areas and the busiest part of the home. Thus, the paint in hallways is more prone to wear and tear and scuff. The painting costs of the entry foyer will range between $280 to $740. The quality and type of paint that you choose will also affect the cost of your painting project.  If you want to get your entryway painted quickly, you can opt for oil-based paint. However, it requires extra drying time. If you want a quicker-drying product, you can opt for urethane-based or water-based paint.


The fifth wall in a room is the ceiling. The appearance of the ceiling is as important as any other wall in the room. The average cost of painting a ceiling ranges between $120 to $300. Painting a 10* 12-foot room that has a 10-foot ceiling will cost around $250.


Mostly, interior doors are painted using semi-gloss or higher gloss finish paints. High gloss finishes require more coats than the lower-sheen finishes and need more time to dry. The average cost of door paints per side can range around $38 for ordinary doors and $134 for complex multi-paned doors.

Nooks, Closets, Or Pantries

Nooks, closets, and pantries are easier to paint. However, some larger closets might be more costly to paint, depending on their size. Painting the small or medium closets can range between $60 to $280. It’s important to note that nooks and closet areas are not covered in the quoted painting costs unless requested by the homeowner.

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