How Soon You Should Call an Attorney after an Auto Accident

Consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer to represent you after an auto accident. While you can do it independently, there are some technical processes that a personal injury attorney may be able to help with. Speaking with a lawyer immediately after a car crash is generally advisable.

The at-fault party’s insurance firm can quickly cooperate with you on minor auto crashes like a fender bender. However, there are incidents where an insurer will refute liability or deny your claim. That is why hiring a lawyer immediately after an auto mishap can be helpful. 

A local accident attorney understands how to deal with insurers and claims adjusters within the jurisdiction. They will devise ways to protect your rights and negotiate skillfully for a positive outcome. 

Not all auto crashes cause immediate physical injuries. However, it is still wise to seek medical intervention immediately because some underlying issues might not be evident initially. Further, seeking immediate medical attention helps to foreground the argument that you needed a physician’s intervention immediately after the accident. In other words, your attorney can seamlessly connect the crash to the injuries. 

“Time is of the essence in auto accident cases. The claimant should speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to see how they can provide assistance with the case and determine the proper next steps.” says attorney Andrew Statmore of Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC. 

Crucial evidence can quickly go missing in crashes involving large entities or corporations. Such a development can negatively affect your case. It is essential to preserve the evidence for your case’s success. 

Factors to Consider When Retaining an Attorney

There are specific attributes to look for in an attorney before deciding to set-up a consultation regarding your auto accident case. The factors include:

A Track Record of Handling Similar Cases

It is often advisable to engage with a lawyer who has handled numerous cases similar to yours. Their knowledge can be a strong contributing factor in how the case goes. For instance, if a semi-truck hits you, contact a lawyer who has handled and won several semi-truck accident cases in the jurisdiction. 

Adequate Financial and Legal Resources

Hire a law firm with the resources to prosecute a case against large businesses or corporations properly. For instance, the law firm should be able to engage witnesses if it is crucial for your case’s success. Hiring an incompetent law firm can be detrimental to your case. 

Focused on Client Satisfaction

One of the reasons you should read reviews and observe properly during the consultation is to know how dedicated a law firm is to your case. If they lack a devoted support staff, it may be risky to engage them. Engage a firm whose business model offers personalized legal representation for you. If they seem too busy for you, it is a red flag. Settle for a firm that prioritizes your interests to get the maximum compensation. 

A Winning Streak

While no lawyer can assure you of the exact outcome of your case, it is always advisable to settle for one with a winning record if possible.

Go for a lawyer with proven success within and outside of the courtroom. They should be able to strongly negotiate as personal injury matters can end before the trial begins. Similarly, your preferred lawyer must be bold enough to take the case to trial if the realities on the ground dictate so. 


Auto accidents can be stressful and overwhelming. Hence, you should seek medical attention immediately after being involved in one. However, you must also prioritize hiring a personal injury lawyer to help with the claims process.