How to Choose a Fishing Guide for Your Next Fishing Trip


Choosing the right fishing guide is not always an easy task. However, there are some tips that we’ll give you some tips in choosing a fishing guide who can make your entire trip unforgettable for the best experience ever. You may be one of the few however who was unlucky enough to get a fishing guide that just didn’t cut it, wasn’t a great fisherman, and didn’t show you how to enjoy the experience enough. You can put it all behind you if you follow the following steps though.

Make Sure Your Guide Has a Good Reputation

While you may see numerous guides available, what’s important is that you can find a guide which can provide a solid reputation. Did you find this guide on your own? If you did, ask around and see what others think. Find reviews online and offline of other people’s experience. Make sure you can see that if you found your guide online, that they have recent fishing trips on their guide resume.

Can He Fish Well?

Sometimes, a guide will take you on a fishing trip with the rules of being able to keep any catches (or release any catches) on a fishing trip. If you’re fishing for sport, this can be understandable, but if you’re wanting a good guide who will allow you to have some fish to fry for yourself, you need to make sure that’s a part of their protocol. There are plenty of guides who will divide equally the catches (of course giving you the first catch claimed as well), and if you’re wanting some for yourself, this is the best option to take.

Do They Have a Website?

While some of the best guides out there don’t even have a website, there are plenty of fishing guides that made a career for themselves out of it. Because of this, you want to read every detail of their website so you know what to pack, what they’ll pack, what to leave behind and safe keep at home and what to actually bring with you (like electronics, cell phones, rods, reels, tackle, etc.)  Be sure to check out a great site like Fishingler.

Every Experience is Different

One thing to take note of is that in case you are rained out; you want a guide that can always provide a backup plan. Why? Well, because you’re paying for their service, and you need to be able to have fun no matter what and enjoy your fishing experience. If it gets rained out, there’s a possibility that the guide will know a route that will keep you out of the rain, but maximize fish catches and more.


Picking the right fishing guide may appear that it takes a lot of work and research (which it can definitely do so), but it doesn’t always necessarily have to be hard work. In order to have the best experience, you want a guide who can literally help you through your trip and show you the ropes, no matter what challenges you’re faced with. You also want one that will treat you well, and not like just some other tourist who’s wanting to learn how to fish.


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