How to choose the right flooring for your pet-friendly home

Flooring in the home must take into account the needs of all members of the family. But the choice is even more difficult for those who have pets living in the room. In this case, it is not enough to consider the comfort of the family members, but also to take care of the pets.

To get all the priorities right, it is recommended to seek help from tile floor installation companies, among them TampaBayFloors. But you can also research all the options before the consultation and be more set to make the correct preference. This will speed up the flooring purchasing process and help you complete all the work faster.

What to peek on flooring for pets

What to peek on flooring for pets

It is difficult for a person who is not from this field to reply what type of flooring is best for dogs or further pets. The selection of flooring in this case should be done more carefully. It should be taken into account that pets move around the house more intensively. Accordingly, the coating must withstand constant movement.

They should also be resistant to mechanical wear from paws and hoofs. It is still worth picking pet friendly waterproof flooring to avoid problems with property damage. Therefore, when picking flooring for such a house, special attention should be paid to three aspects:

  • the life expectancy of the materials;
  • the cost of running costs;
  • the safety of the flooring.

Durability is the most principal parameter. You ought to glimpse for materials that will defy wears and tears from pet movements. Therefore, the top layer of the coating should be thick and withstand probable mechanical damage.

The floor covering should be easy to clean and wash. It should also not swell from spilled liquids. In addition, the flooring should not cause allergic reactions in animals. Cats and dogs are most susceptible to this.

Best types of flooring for pets

Best types of flooring for pets

To understand whats the best flooring is for pets, you ought to investigate all the prospects by considering durability, cost of expense, and safety features. Wooden flooring is considered one of the most widespread preferences. Hardwood floors are less exposed to impairment and wear and tear from pets’ paws. Hardwoods are varnished and are less exposed to moistness or lacerations. But such a floor ought unchanging maintenance.

As an alternative to the best pet friendly flooring, you can use artificial wood. it is less fastidious in care, but you still have to wash it. Vinyl is also a good option. It`s the most moistness unsusceptible flooring and can be easily cleaned. But you need to check the type of vinyl because there are soft formats with weak seams.

Stone floors are easy to maintain, but they don’t retain heat. Therefore, you will need to add carpet padding in certain pet resting areas.


Recently, many pet owners have been interested in is bamboo flooring good for dogs. An alike question is asked about cork. These materials are not a bad option for flooring in homes with animals.

Bamboo`s flooring isn`t solely aesthetic but also durable. They are straightforward to care for `cause they are treated with a protective sealant. Therefore, scratches and other mechanical damage are not afraid of them. Special care is not required.

Cork floor is also a good option. Mold or fungus does not form on it. Cork floors are soft but durable. They absorb noise and accumulate heat. Also, any design can be applied to cork.

As you can see, these options are a good alternative to classic types of flooring.

Who can help with the selection of flooring

You can pick from pet friendly flooring options on your own or with the support of professionals. The staff at TampaBayFloors is ready to help you pick the correct flooring that your pets can’t harm. With us, you’ll find the best flooring possibilities that won’t go beyond your budget. Contact our managers for advice in any format that is convenient for you.