How to Create Spa Experiences at Home


It’s the end of the week, and your nerves are just a touch strained from all the hassle of your work. You look inside your wallet, and you’re almost out of money because it’s the end of the month. This is when you really need to strategize and use the resources at your home to make a relaxing experience out of them. What first pops into your mind is a home spa, but you really don’t know where to start first.

However, you’ll find it relatively easy to create a home spa experience with these following steps:

Ready your spot

You can start by creating your own spa water at home by adding cucumber, lemon, orange, or grapefruit slices to the water the day before your spa day. Then, pick the right room for your spa day; it could be your bathroom or bedroom. Light every candle you can find to create a pleasant atmosphere. Scented candles are a bonus. Prepare hot towels and play your favorite playlist.

Start by heating it up!

You can start your home spa with a nice steam treatment. You’ll need, of course, to boil water, then place a towel over your head to trap the steam. This will help with opening skin pores and cleaning them, leaving your skin nice and smooth. You can add herbs or essential oil of your preference to the water, and indulge in the fragrance while you’re at it.

Relax in the heat of a sauna

Turn your bathroom into a sauna. This will require insulating your bathroom, then running hot water for about 15-20 minutes. You could also achieve the best results by using infrared saunas that have low EMF. Pamper yourself with the best portable infrared sauna out there, and allow those taut muscles to relax in the enclosed warmth of the cabin. Low EMF saunas were proven to maximize your health benefits, and they’re portable so you can move them anywhere around your home.

Treat your hair

Nothing compares to seeing your hair transform from its dry, frizzy state as you wash out the hair treatment, basking in its rejuvenation and shine. Choose your favorite hair treatment, or you could always make an oil treatment using one oil of your choosing (like coconut oil) or a mixture of your favorite oils. Make sure you wash them out thoroughly. You can also make hair masks of ingredients in your kitchen, like a banana- and-coconut-milk mask.

Enjoy a warm bath

Warm water, combined with hues of candles and sweet fragrances, will help take away the fatigue of the whole week and take your mind off things. Draw a bath and use your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb. You can also use Epsom salts and your favorite essential oil, like lavender oil or lemongrass oil, and if you’re in the mood for some skincare, you could apply your favorite face mask, or you could make a DIY face mask like a strawberry-and-yogurt mask or honey mask.

Having a relaxing weekend with a minimum budget is not so difficult, after all. With the right elements and right practices, you can turn your home into a dazzling spa. Following any of these steps will grant you the optimum spa home experience, so make sure to choose whatever conforms with your lifestyle and utilize your options to your benefit, and at the right time.

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