How to Create the Best Guest Bedroom


The best guestroom is uncluttered, comfortable, and feels like home. But achieving this result takes more than just finding antique french mirrors and suitable window treatment. You need to figure out the light fixtures, paint, and furniture to make the space feel cozy without overdoing it. So it’s not that simple; you need some special skill and creativity.

Here are some brilliant ideas that can transform any guest room into a spacious, stylish, and elegant area you won’t hesitate to show off on social media.

  • A Playful Touch

Most people who spend time in your guestroom are on a holiday of sorts. Maybe your mom is coming over for Christmas, or your children have decided to spend Thanksgiving with you. For this reason, you might want to include playful touches in the guestroom to make their “holiday” worthwhile.

For example, you can throw in an indoor swing for the guest. This can be a nice place to have morning coffee or just curl up with a book in the afternoon. However, you need a professional to install the swing safely. That’s because it needs to be securely attached to the ceiling, which may call for structural reinforcement. The last thing you want is an accident in your little staycation.

If a swing is not an option, use an unexpected piece of art or bold pillows to spice things up a bit.

  • Go for the appealing and mood-evoking style

Ask any interior designer and the functions of warm and cool colors in your living spaces. They evoke intense feelings that might be impactful on your overall mood and attitude. For example, soft black and navy blue are unexpected, bold, and intimate colors.

  • Add Furniture, Preferably Antiques

A guest room requires more than just a bed. It also needs a small table and chair where your guests can have meals or place devices. If the room is small, you can throw in a bench at the end of the bed and be done with it. Or, find folding furniture that gets out of the way after use. Whatever you do, make sure your guests have a place to take their morning coffee or just hang out.

Ideally, your guests will use this space as a retreat after a long day of socializing. And anybody who has hosted staycations knows how vital this personal space can be.

  • Mix Design to Spice Things Up

While a guest room is the perfect design playground, you don’t want to go overboard with creativity. However, you can put together a nice eclectic design with help from an experienced designer or take inspiration from social media. But the general idea is to bring in design styles from different eras. For example, you can add an antique table from the 18th-century in a room with a contemporary design. The table becomes the center of attention and might even spark some fascinating discussions. 

The truth is, you don’t have to buy authentic antiques to pull this thing off. You can go with recreated pieces that are cheaper and easier to find.

  • Aim for a Cozy Feeling

Adding bouncing pillows to a skillfully decorated room makes it feel instantly cozy and welcoming. You can get as creative as you want with the fabrics, but that does not mean the guestroom is a dumpsite for all the things your family members don’t prioritize. Everything should blend in nicely, from the paint to throw pillows and everything in between.

You also want to include slippers at the entrance. This is particularly important if you don’t have in-floor heating as it can get chilly. Soft lighting is also another essential ingredient when looking to make a room cozy. Make sure the bulbs are not glaring down at your guest, and dimmable desk lamps are your best bet. You can also choose to go all out by installing smart lighting.

Warming up your window treatments also impacts how the room feels. Consider swapping your sheer linen curtains with heavy curtains, such as velvet drapes, that provide better thermal insulation. 

  • Don’t Forget the Toiletries

It is easy to forget the toiletries when preparing the guest bedroom, and that can be disastrous. Ensure you stock the toiletries as one of the first things you do, even before making the bed or thinking about the lighting. The last thing you want is to have your guest looking for a solution in the odd hours when nobody can come to their rescue.

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