How to Handle Student Disciplinary Charges


College is the time for exploring and is a period of freedom for most students. For the first time, you are studying a course with hopes to become a professional and an adult. You also get to engage in several other activities as you wish. The independence, however, comes with the potential for a run-in with the law if you fail to meet the expected ethical standards.

You are likely to feel blindsided if you are accused of college code violations. That’s understandable – such cases might come with severe consequences.

Here is all you need to know about successful student disciplinary charges defense.

What to do when you get a notice of a disciplinary charge.

The first step towards an incident-free college life is to observe the codes of conduct. Most colleges provide detailed handbooks with information on the expected codes of conduct and possible consequences. Abide by these rules as much as possible.

However, don’t fret if you violate the rules. Start preparing after you receive the notification of any college code violations. Take precautions early enough by preparing a defense. Waiting until it’s too late can mean you end up with lifelong consequences you might have avoided.

Consider meeting with your accuser in the preliminary stages. This is not the time to claim ignorance of the rules or play defensive. Instead, speak to the accuser calmly and try to resolve the issue before it escalates.

If you fail to reach an agreement, then prepare promptly for the following stages.

Argue your case before an academic grievance board

Most colleges allow for a hearing for the accused students. The school allows you to request a hearing if you feel you are unjustly accused of the misconduct.

The college provides for an integrity board appointed by the university to hear you out. The board is likely to be made of the students’ representatives, lecturers, and the school management for impartiality.

The board will give you the time to state your grievances and provide evidence. Collect as many witnesses and evidence as possible for the case. You can also request the accuser for evidence for the claims and provide a defense.

Do you need a lawyer for student disciplinary charges?

Most students accused of violations tend to face the hearing board by themselves. They don’t realize they can hire a college student defense attorney for their accusations.

While they might seem less invaluable compared to criminal cases, disciplinary hearings are high stakes. Losing such a hearing can jeopardize your prospects. Termination of studies when you lose your case could mess your chances of studies if you were on a scholarship and ability to join other colleges. If suspended, then you would have wasted much time and delay your professional development prospects.

A student defense attorney understands what is at stake and is willing to go all out to help you win your case. Unlike the students and faculty on the board, they will not be slanted against you. The lawyer will mitigate and ensure you don’t get unjust outcomes from the disciplinary hearing.

Do criminal arrest impact university discipline?

Getting arrested and charged for a crime does not necessarily mean your college must get involved. While the school might find out about your arrest, it will only act depending on the school policies.

The school will also react depending on the severity of the charges. It might re-examine your academic standing, financial aid, scholarship, and enrollment.


College codes violation can be detrimental to your academic life and future. Prepare adequately whenever you are facing a disciplinary charge hearing. Besides, contact a student defense attorney for an assured just outcome.

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