How to Host the Ultimate Birthday Party in 2021


Lockdowns might be easing, but that doesn’t mean everything is back to business. If your friend or family members aren’t in the same city to you, much less the same country, traveling to visit them can be impossible. Cases change daily, and so the flying restrictions change too. You could be totally in the clear when you buy the ticket and have it canceled on you the day before you are set out to fly.

That is why the ultimate birthday party this year is online. So long as everyone is focused on the same thing, and you follow this guide, your digital birthday party can be extremely fun and enjoyable.

Tips for Food

A great gift that will automatically make their birthday better is to order a cake to be sent to their door. A small cake is all you need to completely make the day seem so much more like a birthday party. You may also be able to send a few decorations to make their birthday more festive and fun alongside them.

As for any meals, come together with other friends to order a great meal from a nearby restaurant. Everyone else should ideally find a similar restaurant so that you can all pretend like you are enjoying a great meal together.

Tips for Gifts

There are many ways that you can still offer them great gifts. The only difference is that they may not be wrapped up in birthday paper, but considering how bad that paper is for the environment anyway, it’s long overdue. Typically speaking, you have two options. One is to online shop in their country so that you can send it directly to them and benefit from low shipping. Trying to ship across country yourself can become very expensive, so stick to shopping online to local vendors.

The other option is to stick to gift cards. Choose a gift card from their favorite brand and make sure there is enough on there to get what they want (it’s easier to organize size exchanges this way) or give them a restaurant gift card or an experience voucher to give them the gift of a great experience. There are so many brands to browse from on, so you are sure to find something perfect.

Tips for Entertainment

There are so many great games out there that are perfectly suited for a group video call. There are online multiplayer games on consoles, as well as mobile-based games like the ones that JackBox offers that make it easy to enjoy a night in together, no matter how far apart you actually are.

You can sync up a movie, play drinking games, or host a quiz. It’s best if you can make these games incredibly personal, so when you can change the names, add custom questions, or even make your own quiz. Inside jokes are perfect for this kind of birthday party.

Troubleshoot in Advance

Work out any hiccups in your birthday party for your loved one in advance. Figure out how to share your screen, make sure the quiz works, the games work, and that everyone is all set up for the birthday in advance. This way, you can give your loved one a great birthday, even apart.

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