How To Improve Customer Experience With Digital Signage


Ensuring customers have a positive experience when interacting with your business is critical. Improving the customer experience can lead to higher conversion rates and enhanced brand trust and loyalty. A proven way to revolutionise customer experience across sectors is by adopting digital signage and its range of features.

From helping customers find their way to improving information accessibility, digital signage is a valuable way to enhance the customer experience for your business. In this blog, we highlight 6 ways customer experience digital signage can boost customer satisfaction and benefit your business.

Digital Wayfinding

As a customer, getting lost is an agonising experience, causing dissatisfaction with the business if necessary locations are not signposted appropriately. Digital wayfinding provides a solution to this. These touchscreen kiosks or screens aid users in their navigation of the site, extending beyond the classic but often too simple “you are here” pinpoint and delivering a digital, in-depth map.

Digital wayfinding solutions are critical in improving customer satisfaction and can be used at various locations, such as providing a route to the correct building on campus or a till point in a department store. With a digital wayfinding kiosk or screen, users can select their desired destination and will be presented with a tailored route to get there from their current location. There is also the option for these screens to deliver virtual walkthroughs.

Alternatively, use digital signage screens to deliver directions in their simple form with arrows and text. With digital signage software, update these directions with ease and display alternative routes if specific routes or areas get busy.

This supportive digital signage will improve the customer experience by improving the efficiency of customer interaction with your site, building, or business. By reducing the chances of getting lost, your customers will return.

Digital Wayfinding

Utilise QR Codes On Customer Experience Digital Signage

QR codes have revolutionised contactless communication with society experiencing a 28% growth in QR code reach between 2018 and 2019. This figure demonstrates the increase in customers actively scanning QR codes and their potential to improve customer experience.

By scanning a QR code, customers can quickly, easily, and seamlessly receive necessary information onto their mobile device. This information can be acknowledged and read there and then or saved for later. QR codes improve the customer experience because they give customers the information they want and need immediately, saving their time and nerves asking someone.

QR codes can benefit customers in a whole range of businesses. They can take customers to landing or product webpages, menus, social media accounts, exclusive discounts, loyalty programmes, business numbers, and more.

As we experience a digital revolution, customers want better andaster communication. In 2020, 84% of UK adults owned a smartphone, indicating that all these potential customers can scan a QR code. Take advantage of this with customer experience digital signage.

Utilise QR Codes On Customer Experience Digital Signage

Product and Tutorial Video Content On Customer Experience Digital Signage

According to Zenith Media, the average person will spend 100 minutes each day watching online videos in 2021, increasing from 84 minutes in 2020. People love multimedia content. In fact, 85% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2021. Improve customer experience with your business by taking advantage of these figures and displaying video content to your customers.

Whether a product tutorial or testimonial, present these videos across screens and video walls to turn heads and make your business stand out. These videos on customer experience digital signage will demonstrate to the customer why they should purchase your product or service, giving them confidence in their purchase decisions and improving their overall experience with your business.

Moreover, science has proven that the human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This figure indicates that customers better receive messages via video over text. Experts providing professional customer experience consulting services will let you know more about how to engage your target customers. In fact,  viewers are 64-84% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. As a result, by displaying your marketing and advertising content through video, customers will better understand your messages, increasing their satisfaction with your brand.

Product and Tutorial Video Content On Customer Experience Digital Signage

Digital Product Catalogues

In our fast-moving society, people want answers quickly. Interactive product catalogues are a game-changing feature for retail stores. Customers can take control of their in-store experience and browse all your products at their own pace. These catalogues provide all necessary information, along with filter options, such as price and colour, allowing customers to make well-informed purchase decisions.

Additionally, digital product catalogues can integrate e-commerce. This feature allows customers to checkout directly on the kiosk after finding their desired product. An employee would then be alerted to bring the product to the customer, if necessary. If the product is out of stock, this e-commerce feature ensures sales are not lost and can set the product up for delivery or click and collect.

This form of customer experience digital signage improves efficiency for staff and customers when selecting products. It also attracts customers who are looking for a niche and exciting store experience.

Digital Product Catalogues

Queue Management Techniques on Customer Experience Digital Signage

People hate queuing and waiting in a long line is an experience everyone can relate to. For businesses, long queuing times can decrease customer satisfaction. While it is helpful to look for ways to reduce queuing times, it is also valuable to consider ways to improve the waiting experience. With customer experience digital signage, businesses can occupy this waiting time.

Manage queues by displaying estimated wait times and alerting customers when it is their turn; these digital signage techniques can reduce perceived wait time at checkouts by as much as 35 per cent, improving customer experience.

Alternatively, deploy distraction techniques such as displaying video or social media content. These features cannot be achieved with static signage and demonstrate how digital signage stands out when improving customer experience. Simultaneously reduce perceived wait time and entertain customers with digital signage.

Queue Management Techniques on Customer Experience Digital Signage

Self-Service Checkouts

Similar to interactive product catalogues, digital kiosk self-service checkouts allow customers to take control of their experience with your business. Whether in a fast-food restaurant or supermarket, allowing customers to checkout themselves via touchscreen digital signage increases the efficiency of their interaction with your brand.

Self-service checkouts also reduce the need for human contact, improving the experience of customers who prefer to minimise socialisation or have fears of close contact in light of the pandemic. These touchscreen devices also help reduce the time customers spend queuing for manual checkout, allowing them to speed up service themselves.

Research has found that 61% of consumers want self-service tools at their disposal rather than tracking down or waiting for an employee to drive the experience for them. Satisfy customer desires by situating digital kiosks within your business.

Self-Service Checkouts

Digital signage can do wonders for improving the customer experience. For example, well-designed digital signage menu boards in restaurants can enhance the overall dining experience by providing clear, visually appealing, and interactive menu options. From boosting the efficiency of customer interaction with your business to delivering easy to understand messages, the near-limitless possibilities of digital signage allow for customer experience to be continuously improved.

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