How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation is not just about the destination, but the memories you make when you get there. These are typically activities you don’t enjoy on a regular basis, but have a significant impact on your stay.

When planning a family vacation, there are a variety of factors and aspects to consider, from budgeting to booking. When you follow these basic steps, you will be well on your way to understanding what to expect, plan, and implement to make those core memory moments possible with your loved ones. 


The budget is often the most important aspect to consider when planning your vacation. Often, many individuals plan their budget based on their accommodations and transportation, but then neglect the smaller details. These can include food, tips, and recreational activities. Depending on the location and length of your stay, these expenses can be quite hefty.

Fortunately, a vacation does not have to be elaborate. While some individuals may have the funds for a luxury hotel, others can build just as many meaningful memories by going on a camping trip. The key to being able to stay within your budget is to set one, and then plan accordingly. 

While you may have the ability to book an oceanfront room, this may not allow you to ride a horse on the beach later. Prioritize what aspects of the vacation are most important to you, and start with those first. 

Plan and Book Activities

Planning and knowing what activities will be available and how much they will cost can significantly decrease your stress levels when you travel. Not only will planning ahead help you to stay within your budget, but it can also help to increase the excitement level for you and your family, helping individuals to endure sometimes hectic travel days.

There are a myriad of different activities to consider when planning your trip. What you choose will depend on the location and season. For families, one of the best ways to enjoy their location is by getting outside and enjoying nature. 

The options are endless for outside activities, from hiking to sightseeing to shopping. It’s all about the experience and taking in the new location and its culture. 

For families that are adrenaline seeking, renting a boat and using boat tubes can be an exciting activity. This can be done whether you are camping or staying in a 5 star-resort; it just depends on your budget and prioritized list of what you would like your vacation to look like.

Schedule Time to Relax

For many individuals, especially those traveling with children, a vacation can be a very stressful time. In addition to worrying about staying within budget, packing, traveling, keeping kids happy and entertained, and planning, sometimes people neglect simply taking a break to rest.

Finding time to rest on your vacations is just as important as engaging in fun activities. Remember not to overbook yourself so you are not constantly on the go. This can be overwhelming and impact your enjoyment of your trip.

Often, the rest is just as important and rewarding as the fun. Although you may experience some stress on your trip, this should not be all you experience. Consider booking things in the later morning or early afternoon to allow yourself time to sleep in. 

If you have a busy day scheduled, consider taking a more leisurely morning the following day.


There are many aspects of a family vacation to consider. While planning your family vacation can be overwhelming, a family trip is usually well worth the effort as it affords you a lifetime of memories and strong relationships. 

When you budget properly, prioritize your time, plan for fun, and rest, you are sure to make your time more enjoyable and fulfilling.