How to Start a Moving Company: Tips and Tricks


Moving is a promising area of business that, when approached correctly, can provide a consistent source of income. We’ll go over everything there is to know about moving and how to get started.

The target audience

To move from one room to another, you must hire large vehicles that can transport sofas, wardrobes, clothing bales, and other items. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the service or the integrity of your belongings if this is handled by a moving company. Customers of moving companies is:

  • Individuals;
  • Organizations (office, trade and industrial, government departments).

Moving company formats

There are various types of moving companies, each with its own organizational structure. It is not necessary to have a personal transportation fleet to start a moving company because to start a business with your own cars, you’ll need around $100,000. General variations of moving business formats:

  • Own transport and personnel. The main benefit is the high level of service and the unlimited transportation geography. The downside is high prices. However, these are forced measures; otherwise, the costs would not cover expenses and would not generate a profit;
  • Hiring trucks. The work involves transportation owners. In their spare time, they provide transportation within the framework of a moving company. Affordability is provided, but a potentially low level of service and limited geographic coverage are possible.

Competition with other businesses

Competition in the field of moving companies is fierce, given the presence of companies such as Elate Moving, but new companies emerge from time to time that are ready to compete. Suffice it to say that one emigrant established his own moving company in New York with a starting capital of around $10,000 and now this company is ranked among the top 20 moving companies in the city.

Here are a few basic principles you can try to implement in order to compete with established brands:

  • Don’t be afraid to take charge of keeping things safe;
  • Assure prompt service completion;
  • Carry out transportation 24 hours a day, seven days a week (many companies do not offer this);
  • Provide additional services such as furniture assembly and disassembly, packing items in boxes and film to ensure safe transportation, furniture arrangement according to the customer’s plan, and so on.

Starting a business

To set up a standard moving company, you must first acquire cars (if you choose to do business with your own transportation), premises, and personnel. You must take care of the clientele in advance for the business to function.

Starting a business


Moving companies, unlike unofficial carriers, are required to acquire auxiliary sites – for storing cargo, drawing up plans, holding planning meetings, and communicating with clients. The ideal area for a small business is 50-60 square meters. m, it can accommodate:

  • Office space: 20 sq. m. You can negotiate on the clients’ premises, but for large orders, it is best to discuss everything in the company’s office;
  • Cargo storage space: 10-12 square meters. It may be required in exceptional circumstances. For example, if the cargo must be picked up right away and delivered to the specified location within a few hours/days. Packaging such as boxes, film, and dressing ropes can be stored here;
  • Staff room: 10-12 square meters. Company executives and drivers can unwind and eat here. Companies frequently do not spend money on such facilities, but the costs are not prohibitively high, and caring for employees always results in good and high-quality work;
  • Utility room: 15 square meters. Equipment, spare parts, work clothes, and other work-related items can be stored here;


Cars are the primary tool of a self-sufficient moving company that is not dependent on third-party individuals or legal entities. They can be rented or leased, but owning your own car is the best option. The list of costs will also include the branding of cars and the installation of navigation systems, if none are provided.


The staff of a moving company varies depending on how its activities are organized, but it typically includes:

  • Drivers;
  • Loaders;


Constant advertising is required for a moving company to thrive, as its growth necessitates a steady influx of new customers. The following methods are used for promotion:

  • Internet resources;
  • Billboards and newspapers;
  • Advertising mailings.

You need to take care of your company’s recognition. Create your own “corporate style” It is critical to be bright and memorable. Create your own driver and loader logos and uniforms.


Regardless of the specific steps required to begin any business, the most important step is motivation: nothing will happen unless you decide to begin. Remember, your success is in your hands, and how quickly it arrives is entirely up to you.

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