How to Style Different Types of Palazzo Pants


Palazzo pants are common among the Indian community and they are gaining popularity in the fashion world too. The international runways, designers, fashion bloggers, and every other fashionista woman is following through with the palazzo craze. It is perfect for summer wear and as a layering piece during winter. They are comfortable and stylish and a must-have in every Indian girl’s wardrobe. End the dilemma of what to add to your wardrobe. Invest in the beautiful palazzo pants in different types and style them in various ways. Below are some types of palazzo pants and different ways to style them.

Regular palazzo pants 

This is also known as the straight cut palazzo pants. It is the most basic of the variety of palazzo pants available in the market. It has a simple typical flare and it comes in the near-neutral colors. This type of palazzo complements every body type for it has a minimal flare. Among the many ethnic wear online in India, they are particularly sorted out for plus size women fashion. This is because it makes them look comfortable and leaner. The best way to match this is with a straight cut Kurtis in either cotton, linen or viscose.

Slit palazzos

Well, since palazzo pants are suited for warm seasons. The slit palazzos are best to adorn during summer for they come with slits on the front or side. They are also designed with regular flares or wide flares. To the fashionistas who want to show off their toned legs they can choose the hot slit palazzo pants. To achieve a splendid look pair this palazzo with traditional wear. For instance, a long flowy Kurti with center or side slits or a white or black cropped t-shirt gives it a chic look.

Pleated palazzos

This beautiful pleated palazzo is worn in many occasions as long as you know how to style it. Its appearance makes it look much like a skirt due to the pleats and its wide flared. Many women prefer it since it enhances their appearance when well paired plus it is comfortable. Choose one in crepe or georgette fabric that brings out the pleats excellently. Although there are many ways to style this palazzo for the minimalist an A-line Kurti is best. Borrow more ideas from fashion bloggers and celebrity accounts for the pleated palazzo is one of their favorites.

Dhoti palazzo 

Can you imagine a better and more comfortable version of a typical dhoti? The Dhoti palazzo is the type that is styled elegantly for every occasion. It is perfect as office wear, street style, ethnic ceremonies among others. They are available in cotton, silk, and even satin. Adorn to it with a tulip Kurti, a short slit Kurti. Alternatively, to keep the whole look together pair with a high collar top, with a drape fabric and add a belt and you have a modern saree. Crop tops and peplums give a sophisticated blended look. The choice of how your style is based on how best it portrays your personality and fashion taste.


Culottes are the most versatile type of palazzo and are perfect for every body type and fusion lover. They resemble a skirt and are calf-length or knee-length. When adorned most people confuse them for a skirt, but they are pants. They are comfortable and the ways to style it are endless. To adorn it just right, wear a t-shirt and add a leather or denim jacket and some sneakers. Optionally, for a chic look choose a subtle color shirt, statement necklace, and heels.

Palazzo suits

The palazzo suits are beautiful and are a must-have addition to your closet. This is just a regular salwar with palazzo pants. Their flare varies but they are normal or wide. The fashionistas who love to wear suits. Among their salwar suits an addition of the palazzo suits will give their wardrobe a fresh look. It is a perfect summer attire that you can try in subtle print or the embroidered one. To accessorize this look match with a dupatta, jootis and some beautiful tribal jewelry.

Flared palazzos

The unique part about this palazzo is that as much as they are regular palazzos. They are extremely wide waist down, flowy and loose. When they are on the wearer they appear as a maxi skirt with a beautiful flare. Flaunt in this palazzo in cotton fabric to denim fabric. Enjoy the epitome of comfort in this apparel and look stunning in it. On how to adorn it, people with short height are not favored with this palazzo style. Pair it with a long Kurti for a beautiful ethnic look. To those aiming for a hippie look take a subtle colored tank top.

Trouser style palazzos

These days it is a must to know how to dress and style on various occasions. Another versatile pant is the trouser style palazzo. The structure is firm with a minimal flare just like the traditional trouser. It is designed with buttons instead of elastic around its waist for a better fit. This trouser is not only comfortable and stylish but is a professional look for the workplace. Add this to your office wear collection in fine cotton fabric. While adorning to this palazzo let it look chic and simple. Add the right color of the shirt or a printed peplum top to avoid it looking monochromatic. Do not forget medium-high heels to upgrade your look with trouser style palazzo.

The above palazzo types and styling options will make you ditch your denim for a while. Do not dread the heat during the summer when you have many palazzo pants to choose from. Also, for winter they are easy to layer with for extra warmth. Palazzo outfits transform the vibe around you within seconds for one palazzo is styled in many ways. The shoes you choose to wear depends on how you plan to swing the outfit. Since there is a variety of footwear that matches perfectly with every palazzo pant.

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