How to transport a motorcycle on a trailer?


Are you planning to transport a motorcycle on your own and you’re looking for a way to ensure its safe journey? Or maybe you are wondering how to choose the right trailer for motorcycle transport? This article will address this matters as well as give you some useful tips about safe ways to transport your motorcycle.

Motorcycle is for sure what we call a valuable cargo, which is (apart from the sentimental worth) one of the reasons it’s so important to make sure it’s transportation goes smoothly and safely. However,  if you don’t have experience with similar shipping or a helping hand of a professional courier, motorcycle transport can prove to be tricky. What should you know to make sure your motorcycle arrives safely to its place of destination?

One of the most convenient way of transporting a motorcycle is to ship it on a trailer. If you have access to professional motorcycle carrying trailer, it will be easier to properly secure your vehicle, as these trailers have an increased amount of tiedown points to keep your motorcycle upright through the journey as well as tracks that keep the wheels from moving. Professional motorcycle carrying trailer is not necessary for safe motorcycle transportation, though – you can ship your vehicle on a regular flatbed trailer, as long as it has enough tiedown points and you are planning to use professional lashing belts.

Before deciding to transport your motorcycle on a trailer please note that this kind of shipping works best on shorter, domestic routes. When it comes to international motorcycle transport (or longer, domestic routes), a regular trailer might not be sufficient, as it cannot protect your vehicle from changing weather conditions.

How to properly secure your motorcycle on a trailer?

Motorcycle should be shipped upright, so you should make sure that it won’t be tipping during transportation. To be sure your vehicle is secured properly, tie it down with belts. Please, note: while shipping cargos of value (and a motorcycle certainly is one) it’s always best to use professional tie down straps – they are really resistant, designed to withstand considerable weights and have durable hooks thanks to which your motorcycle can arrive safely to its place of destination. Make sure you use straps with closed hooks, to prevent it from unfastening on the road.

Motorcycle transport – securing tie down straps

What is the best way to secure your vehicle to the trailer using tie down straps? You’ll need 4 belts – 2 of them will prevent the bike from tipping sideways and 2 others will keep it from moving forward and backward. You should loop the first 2 straps over the handlebar and attach the hooks to nearest tiedown points. It’s crucial for the belts to be placed over a sturdy, metal part of the vehicle – never place them over delicate parts (like twist grip throttle) as they can be easily damaged while under pressure!

Be sure to secure the belts rather tightly – loose tie down straps won’t ensure your bike’s safety, as it could unfasten on the road, for example while driving on uneven ground. To prevent it from happening, secure the belts tightly and be sure to block the front suspension to eliminate any free play in case of road bumps and vibration (not blocking the fork tubes can lead to loosening of the lashing belts and therefore to unfastening of the bike).

Securing the motorcycle against the vibrations of the road

As we established in the last paragraph, it’s important to block the front suspension, so that your motorcycle can be safely shipped. After you’ve blocked it, you can secure the tie down straps tightly without fear of damaging your bike.

When you’ve secured the first 2 belts (therefore secure the motorcycle from tipping), you have to also make sure the bike won’t move forward and backward during transportation. To do that, loop the remaining belts through the back wheel and attach them to the tiedown points. It’s best to choose one tiedown point in front of the wheel and one behind it. Since this part of the motorcycle is less vulnerable to shocks and strains, you don’t have to secure the belts as tightly as the first 2.

If you are in need of transporting a motorcycle, but lack enough time, skills or equipment, you can also hire a professional transport provider to ship your motorcycle for you. To find a competent courier providing services in good prices, try listing your transport of Clicktrans. Listing your delivery is free and it take just a few minutes. Transport provider willing to take the job will quote on your listing and you’ll be able to choose the one that suits you best. There are thousands of transport providers from all over Europe registered on Clicktrans, which means you’ll find international and domestic motorcycle transport just as easily.

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