How Will an Asphalt Driveway Fair During the Winter?


During the winter, there are usually freeze-thaw cycles, which always lower the integrity of the driveway asphalt pavement. This makes the winter season a major challenge to the driveway pavement. However, you must learn how to protect your driveway pavement during winter to drive safely into your residential or commercial area. You should know how the asphalt materials are formed in your driveaway pavement during winter and what can factors of winter can negatively impact your asphalt, which can result in needed repairs completed by your nearest asphalt paving company. When a pool of water is formed during the melting process of snow and ice, the water will typically scatter in the pavement will reduce its compactness and form.

Find out more about how the winter weather can affect your asphalt driveway and what you can do to protect it. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about deicer salt.

How an asphalt driveway can deteriorate in winter

During the freezing of water, when the weather is extremely cold, the ice formed continually expand in the small cracks and path hole in the water was originally accumulated. The expansion of the ice in the smaller cracks makes the cracks widen. The expanded cracks then cause severe damage to the asphalt driveway pavement. For this reason, a drop in temperature to extreme values makes the asphalt grow harder and more brittle and susceptible to cracks.

How to protect driveway pavement during winter

Although damages like this to your asphalt may seem inevitable as winter approaches, there are methods you can use to protect your driveway.  Here is what you need to know about how to protect your asphalt driveway from damage during the harshest and coldest months of the year.

Remove any debris from the pavement

By removing all the debris in the pavement, you will ensure the driveway pavement is in perfect condition during the entire season. Removing debris from the pavement frequently should be part of your normal routine. Consider consulting an expert in cleaning services to help reveal the issues related to the cracking. They will also help you identify the cracks and potholes which are severe and require some important repair.

Seal coat the surface before the winter season starts

You need to start protecting your driveway pavement before the winter season immediately. This will require you to use a more expensive method of controlling the problem. If the winter season is approaching, consider sealing the cracks. Sealing the cracks with a coat will stop water from accumulating in the path holes. It will also prevent the ice from getting into cracks and causing unnecessary crack expansion. Sealing the cracks with coat layers is referred to as asphalt sealing

However, before the sealing process, ensure the surface is free from debris and other components that may not be under the layer. You also must consider the right temperatures when the sealing process is suitable.

Frequent shovelling of the pavement

Forming a routine of shoveling your driveway pavement daily will help you protect the money you spent hiring an asphalt paving company to initially install the driveway. It also includes moving the stagnant water on the surface and drying it. For this reason, if the winter season comes, no water will accumulate on the pavement, which can form ice. By doing this, you are preventing the damage that the water causes to the surface. To make the exercise more successful, ensure you carry out the task before the accumulated water could damage the pavement.

Apply asphalt salt effectively

Asphalt salts are professionally installed, which has no challenge in developing cracks and potholes in the driveway’s surface. The salts may also not cause any damage to the driveway; there are some factors you need to consider before you apply your salt. The factors include the environmental effect of the salt, polling water on the surface, choosing the appropriate right Deicer Mix, and booking a reputable driveway team.

Perform winter driveway repair

Repairing the cracks and damages caused on the surface of the driveway during the winter season may be very expensive. However, when you perform the repair before the winter season starts, it will be cheaper. However, the repair will help prevent more damage to the driveway when the season starts. You can consider using more professional high-quality products that contain mixtures of asphalt.


Having a professional apply the asphalt mix products can help reduce the damage caused by the water on the surface during the winter season. When you have a driveway path area that s prone to damage during the winter season, this is an opportunity to help you learn how to repair the pavement and drive in a conducive driveway during the winter season.


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