Kitchen Renovations On A Budget – 10 Top Tips


New kitchens can certainly rack up in costs, particularly when installing new kitchen units, cabinets, worktops and more. For those on a budget, £3000+ for a new kitchen is just simply not feasible. However, a new kitchen can improve practicality and durability, as well as enhance the look of a home.

As the central hub of so many family homes, the kitchen is an important part of many peoples’ lives. Making this a beautiful and enjoyable place is important. The good news is that, to transform your kitchen you don’t have to spend thousands on a new kitchen install. Instead these tips from Trend Transformations in Bolton will provide some budget friendly ways you can make a kitchen renovation. Keep reading for more.

1. Replace taps and sinks

A quick way to modernise the look of your kitchen is to replace your dated sink and taps with sparkly new ones. Some popular styles of the moment include stainless steel large industrial style sinks with pull down spray taps. This particular choice is especially useful for large family kitchens, where the sink gets plenty of use.

2. Upgrade your backsplash for a new modern look

A kitchen backsplash is ideally placed behind a hob or sink to protect your walls from splashes and sprays. Although practical, they are also ideal for adding a new decorative element to your kitchen, helping to add a finishing touch. Often available in an array of coloured tiles or reflective metals, splashbacks are a simple addition to any modern kitchen renovation.

3. Introduce new colours and textures to your kitchen design

If your kitchen walls are looking a tad tired or drab, why not introduce a new colour to your kitchen to brighten the space and bring the heart of your home back to life! You may even wish to incorporate new textures such as wall tiles or wooden shelving, said experts from Veejay’s Renovations.

4. Upgrade your kitchen worktops with worktop overlays

Brand new kitchen worktops can cost families lots of money, as a budget-friendly alternative, worktop overlays are the perfect solution. Designed to fit perfectly over your existing countertops, you can opt for a worktop overlay in any material and colour you wish. Helping to transform your kitchen in a matter of minutes with little disruption or mess,

5. Opt for new kitchen cabinet doors

Another quick fix that doesn’t require you to rip out your old kitchen, is to simply replace the cabinet doors instead. By finding new, modern-looking cabinet doors, these can be simply screwed onto your existing cabinets, once you have found a size to fit.

6. Switch out your old kitchen lighting for new

Lighting makes a real difference to the mood of a room. Bright LED lighting is now very popular in kitchens as it helps to brighten the space, whilst also being an energy efficient option that does not consume as much energy as traditional bulbs.

7. Introduce innovative kitchen storage solutions

If you find your old kitchen has become cluttered with junk and is fast running out of space, you may benefit from a simple clear out. One way to do this is to invest in some innovative kitchen storage solutions, such as kitchen corner units, built-in waste solutions, and drawer organisers.

8. Switch your old door handles for new door handles

Similar to replacing your cabinet doors, a transformation may be as easy as switching out your old door handles for new. The market is full of beautifully designed and crafted cabinet door handles that add a new element to your kitchen design. Whether you’re looking for something unique and quirky or modern and sleek.

9. Update your kitchen flooring

Flooring can quickly become dated, particularly if you were a fan of the beige lino flooring, popular decades ago. The look and feel of a kitchen can be quickly transformed with the installation of a new flooring, whether that’s with tiles, laminate, or vinyl. Alternatively, if you do not have the budget or time to replace your flooring, you may wish to place a rug down in your kitchen.

10. Add kitchen accessories

Small kitchen accessories are a great addition to any family kitchen. This could include houseplants, under-cabinet lighting, photo frames, framed wall art, and more. A simple and easy way to brighten your kitchen.

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