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Even though you are beautiful, if your hair is not good, it will be a big loss in your beautiful appearance. A good volume of hair has always been attractive. Women consider thick hair to be one of their most beautiful characters. It enhances the beauty. Tall or thick If one does not have good volume, it will be unpleasant. With thicker hair you can try more, more hairstyles to have more hair color. Good volume hair is always attractive. In addition, full volume hair is a sign of healthy hair.

In the hair extension market, closures are best for women recovering from a period of prolonged hair loss or styling. Highly preferred in lace material, hair extensions not only give you volume and length but also keep your natural hair down.

About Klaiyi Hair Brand

Klaiyi generally focuses on having high quality products at affordable and reasonable prices. We show the price of our products in detail. This means how much benefit there is for everyone, such as raw materials, labor, transportation and taxes. We also have an online platform for our products that helps you place orders easily. One product Klaiyi would like is human hair bundles and body wave weaves. We can assure you of advanced products because about 50% of the product is for raw material. Unlike other brands, we do not take false profits. We only take a fair profit. We also offer various products such as wigs, extensions, bundles, weaves and closures.

The hair bundles are one of the best-selling haircuts on the Klaiyi hair mall. Especially, Brazilian virgin hair bundles are especially preferred among women, such as Brazilian body wave, Brazilian curly weave, Brazilian virgin hair strands with closure are the best choice for women. Today, we will share with everyone about the usages of using hair bundles with closure.

Why do we use hair bundles with closure?

Protect your hair

Lace closures protect your hair. Natural hair is actually covered with lace mesh, so those styling chemicals will not damage your natural hair, there is no chance of your hair breaking or thinning. If you have recently cut your hair short and want it to grow longer, use lace closure.

Provide a natural install

Lace closures are best for smooth installation. The Swiss lace can give the shape of a “natural” looking skull that will keep others guessing. You don’t even have to worry about mixing because you don’t have to mix with the laces off. We provide lace closures because they are easy to sew flat and do not have a specific boundary line which causes silk closures. When installed correctly, the lace closure has the ability to show your virgin human hair literally growing out of your scalp.

Great benefits for you

There are many great benefits to using hair extensions. Not only do you have the ability to create a section in your hair where you want for styling purposes, but you can also combine the closure with your natural hair so that you get a full and rich look. These closures can be purchased in a variety of color options so that you can get what you want to blend with your hair or choose a color that is a great contrast to make your look stand out.

Body Wave Weave Hair

A body wave weave hair is one of the super weave hair types. The body wave weave hair pattern is a more natural beach wave. Body wave weave hair helps create a smooth, natural-looking wave. It has a large “S” shape around the entire body. Wavy hairstyles with natural shine, looks fluffy and modern. Body wavy hair curls are comfortable. One of the most common causes of body wave weave hair is a common type of hair that African American women can be seen wearing too much: It blends well with any type of hair texture and can be worn in many situations. Also, with proper care, it can be bleached with any color or any color. One thing about body wave hair: the cost of maintenance is not too high.

Why should you choose body wave weave hair?

We mostly enjoy women with body wavy hair. Now since most women do not have natural hair that grows that long, we can use the hair extensions. Wavy hair is the go-to style for women for the following tips.

  • The hair is versatile
  • It does not flow
  • It looks natural
  • It’s a beautiful style
  • This includes using soft and thin hair
  • You can straighten it out quickly


Whatever race you have, how much money you have doesn’t explain the happiness you should have. Your hair, your style, and we Klaiyi help you achieve that. Therefore, modern times have solved this by introducing hair extensions. But if you want to grow your hair, it should look 100% natural, otherwise you will become a laughing stock. It should also be very easy to wear and more affordable. The Klaiyi is just the brand for that.

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