Level Up Your Skills: Must-Have Football Training Equipment

Gaining a competitive edge in any sport is crucial, especially football. There are a lot of playing techniques that require a certain skill set in order to be pulled off.

Regular training sessions at home or at a gym can build muscle and endurance but often lack in gaining essential football abilities.

With the right football training equipment, you can improve your speed, strength, and agility. This gear is designed to increase a player’s awareness and fine-tune each individual muscle needed to dominate a field.

Let’s take a look at the must-have equipment that will take your football game to the next level.

Speed Football Training Equipment: Resistance Cord Trainers

Speed, not just stamina, is extremely important in football. One of the most effective pieces of equipment to have for speed and resilience are resistance cord trainers.

There are several types of resistance trainers available that will help increase speed and will reinforce the body to withstand resistance. Resistance cord trainers will have a harness apparatus on one side that fits around the chest, waist, or ankles. The other side will have some type of resistance that makes running more difficult.

Some trainers need a partner to help hold the other side as the resistor. Others have a resistance system like a parachute or a weighted sled that’s dragged behind the person who’s running. Resistance training can really increase someone’s speed on the field.

Superb Football Agility: Cones, Ladders, and Hurdles

One thing for certain in the game of football is the need to move to and fit into tight openings on the field. With the other team having a goal of stopping the play, being able to dodge players and turn on a dime is really important. This also works when you’re the team trying to stop the play.

Creating drills that use markers like cones and shalom poles allow for you to create a training course that simulates these tight spaces. When you create similar ‘game style’ environments during training, those movements transfer over to the actual game.

Hurdles are a great way to add agility tests during cardio endurance drills. Staying focused while running so your body can execute a strong enough jump to move over the block in front of you. Throw a ladder drill at the end for faster foot movement.

Better Handling Skills: Football-Specific Gear

When you improve stamina and strength, the body is better prepared to face the challenges of the field. There is also additional training equipment you can get that will help with football techniques like holding and throwing.

Wrist cuffs help defensive players know exactly where to place their hands without catching a penalty. Training with these tools will help instill proper placement even when faced with game excitement.

Other tools for defensive players include tackling bags of different sizes to simulate game time plays. Net targets and passing machines help offensive players hone in on their throwing and catching skills.

Level Up Your Game with the Right Equipment

Every advantage you can get is worth taking in the world of football, and training is no exception. Bringing in football training equipment to your workout sessions will sharpen your body’s responses. When you simulate the game moves during a workout, you’re that much more prepared when actually playing.