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Having a beautiful website does your company no good if you don’t get any traffic. So these days, it’s all about driving organic traffic to your website and landing pages, and digital marketing, bolstered by search engine optimization (SEO), is the way.

There are plenty of great SEO agencies across the United States, yet LinkGraph keeps finding ways to stay ahead of the field. They provide all the tools and services to help websites target audiences and increase organic traffic. So, what makes them the best? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

LinkGraph provides premium content creation services

LinkGraph provides premium content creation services

High-quality content has become essential to driving traffic and increasing domain authority. Google’s search engine favors web pages with great content that’s informative and provides value to readers. Even though you likely know enough about your industry to write effectively about it, content marketing is nuanced.

The professional writers at LinkGraph create engaging content using keywords commonly used as relevant search terms. Their seasoned content creators write for search engines and target audiences so you can wow your target audience and increase the chances of your website ranking in organic search results.

LinkGraph specializes in link building

They use keyword research to optimize web pages and content

Another great way to increase your ranking in search engine results is to procure quality backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks embedded in the anchor text of blog posts or other content. When visitors click the hyperlink, it takes them to the web page attached to the URL in the hyperlink.

Getting high-quality links is difficult, especially for new sites. However, LinkGraph takes the headache out of link building for small businesses and SEO newbies. They can provide links to your landing page from domains with a domain authority as high as 95. Having links from websites with a high domain or site authority also increases your authority with search engines.

They use keyword research to optimize web pages and content

They provide tools and know-how for growing SEO agencies

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of an SEO content strategy. It’s also essential for optimizing landing pages, homepage, and every other web page on your site.

You merely have to give LinkGraph your target keyword, and they use their keyword research tool to derive a list of focus terms relevant to your primary keyword. They also incorporate longtail keywords which increase landing page conversion rates from visitors who land on your site using the longtail keyword. That’s because anyone who arrives at your landing page using a longtail keyword is likely right where they want to be.

They use technical SEO to increase conversion rates

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