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We have seen that one digital platform defining the concept and making a positive impact for good. ClickASnap is defining image sharing platform for viewers, users, and creators around the world. If you appreciate good art and photography, then this is something that will change your perception and might encourage the creative side. 

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is an image-sharing website, where you can upload images and share them with the community. The platform is receiving over two million views on the images per day and they are growing at a tremendous rate. There is a strong reason why the image-sharing site is growing at a faster pace and the unique approach is one of the reasons behind it. We have elaborated the unique approach and exclusive features below, so you can get a better idea of the concept.

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Income via PPV (Pay-Per-Views) Model

You can sign up with ClickASnap and subscribe to £2.00 pm (£19.20 pa), Seller £4.00 pm (£38.40 pa), and Pro-Seller £6.00 pm (£57.60 pa) plan. Creators can upload images on the platform, and they can earn 0.4cent (¢) per view. 

Income via PPV

You have an opportunity to share the images with the community and earn from views. The site itself is growing at a good pace, which will bring in more viewers, so you have a shot at getting more views. Many worry about the payout threshold, but ClickASnap’s minimum payout is $15 only.



Creators are aware of the image value and how well structured it is, and what value it holds in the business. The founders have added a marketplace for the creators, where you have to subscribe to Seller £4.00 pm (£38.40 pa) and Pro-Seller £6.00 pm (£57.60 pa) plan to sell images as products.

You have complete control over the pricing decision and set what you believe the digital product worth is. If you feel like putting the image for £10 then you can set the price. The community will purchase the image if it explains the narrative and creative process.

Advanced Watermarkless Protection

Advanced Watermarkless Protection

The ClickASnap team added an advanced feature in the Pro-Seller plan, where you can let the viewers enjoy the image without watermarks. The advanced (WIPT) Watermarkless Image Protection Technology will add a watermark to copyright the image, but it won’t be visible to the viewers.

Viewers won’t get disturbed by the watermark and appreciate the creative efforts. The WIPT technology will eliminate the unpleasing watermark from the images while protecting your efforts. You don’t have to worry about digital theft as WIPT has copyrighted your content, and it is available for Pro-Seller subscribers only.

Copyright Protection

If you cannot afford the Pro-Seller plan, then do not worry because the ClickASnap team has stepped up the game. The team has added the necessary features to prevent downloading and snapping the images in local storage. We have to take time to appreciate the efforts because it does prevent the snapshot tools and web browsers from copying the digital content.

There is no download option available until or unless you are Offering free digital downloads.

You cannot fool the website by minimizing the window and taking the snapshot tool to capture the image. The site script will instantly blur the page, and you can snap blurred images only, which is useless. 

The site has an advanced script that detects the “PRTSCR” key in the keyboard and blurs the window instantly.

Copyright Protection

There is no way for the users to capture the image in local storage without buying or without your permission. However, there are a few loopholes that experts can exploit to capture the images. I have done it for reviewing purposes, and there is room for improvement. The good news is that the ClickASnap team cares about your content and taking measures to prevent digital content theft.

Engagement Features

We are aware that the engagement feature is a common attribute in almost all image-sharing websites, but it is good to know that it’s not missing in ClickASnap. You can create a free account to comment, like, and follow the creator.

Engagement Features

Bottom Line

ClickASnap’s approach is unique and befitting for the creators, and it is changing the landscape for millions of creative artists. The image-sharing platform does not sell your information and focusing on making a stable source of income for creators. Let us know what inspired you about ClickASnap in the comment section below.

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