Moving affordably? Is it really possible?


Often the common perception of a move is that you will have to burn a hole in your pocket. This becomes more realistic when moving longer distance. Moving process, whether longer or local, has certain costs associated with it. It is important that one understand all the cost affecting factors and plan the finances. While the majority of us thought the moving will need all your savings, the expert at have a different story to tell.

As per the leading moving companies, it is very much possible to make your move affordable. You will have to invest a lot of emotions, time and efforts in the process but when it comes to money, there are hacks that allow you to make your next move affordable. So, how do you move affordably? Let us find out:

How to make a move affordable?

There are amazing strategies and tricks shared by moving experts that are proven to help you make your move affordable. Whether you are moving to the next block or changing base to another city, you can try these hacks to enjoy a smoother and cost-effective move.

Start with an affordable moving plan

To behind with, a well-planned and details moving plan is the key to a successful plan. But, little did we know that the right efforts in planning the move can actually save you a lot of money. Moving experts claim that the right moving plan can make your move affordable. It is a valid reason why a lot of emphasis is given to moving plans. The smarter your moving plan will be, the smoother will be the move and final results.

Choose the accommodation wisely

You will have to find a new house in the new city. It is imperative that you invest enough resources in finding an appropriate new home which fits in your budget. So, what’s an ideal home? A house that is conveniently located, is in excellent conditions and located in a safe and happy neighborhood qualifies as an ideal home. You must know that the conveniently located your house will be the more you will save on your day to day expenses. Also, make sure that the property you are buying or renting must be affordable.

Make a moving time line and stick to it

Organization is another core aspect to consider when moving to a new state. If you leave all the tasks to the last day, you will have to handle a lot in a very short time and may look for paid help or other last minute expenses. Moreover, with a timeline to handle all your pre-location tasks and moving preparations in a timely manner, you save yourself from a lot of stress. Make sure you make a moving checklist and use it with due determination. Neither will you miss anything important nor will be any last minute trouble that drain out your money.

Pick a moving date wisely

Did you know that the cost of your move widely depends on your moving date? Yes, the time and day you choose to move can affect the cost of the moving process. Moving during off seasons is the best way to save money as during this time, moving services are available at almost half of their original cost. The colder months are considered cheap for moving and hence you must plan your move anywhere between May to September.

Also, choose a moving date in the latter half of the month and that too on a weekday. This way again you can negotiate with the movers as there is low demand for moving services during this period. You must also consider the time your friends and family are free to offer you help and choose a moving date accordingly.

How to move?

The moving option you choose can also help you in saving a lot of money. You must weigh all the possible options and choose the most appropriate one. Some options that you have when moving include:

  • Hiring full service moving company
  • Renting a moving truck
  • Using moving container services
  • DIY move
  • Partial move with storage units and more

You must also choose affordable movers. Read reviews of the movers and get moving quotes from more than three movers. This will help you compare the prices and make sure that you choose a cost effective mobbing company.

Moving is an emotionally and financially draining process. When you choose a moving company, make sure you get an accurate estimate from them. These are some of the moving tips that help you save a lot of money in your next relocation process. You must not run out of money when moving a house, you will need enough resources to settle at the new house and hence must wisely spend each and every penny.

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