Narrowsburg Escapade: 6 Things to Do on Your Weekend Getaway


If you are thinking of heading off to Narrowsburg, NY for a weekend getaway, you’ve made a good choice. This small town in Upstate New York is full of hidden gems, including a living museum, an observation deck, and even an alpaca petting farm. So, read on for 6 things to do in Narrowsburg, NY. Regardless of whether you prefer water sports, music history, or something else entirely, Narrowsburg has something for you.

1. Fort Delaware Museum of Colonial History

If you love to explore living museums and colonial history, you won’t want to miss this reconstructed 1750s village. Listed by TheTrajet as a key recipe in a Narrowsburg weekend trip, the Fort Delaware Museum of Colonial History is a must-see if you’re in town. Learn how the people of Narrowsburg used to live by interacting with the actors and exploring the blacksmith shop and shelters.

2. Bethel: The Site of Woodstock

Bethel is a town not far from Narrowsburg that hosted the famous 1969 Woodstock concert. Nearly half a million people gathered on Max Yasgur’s farm for three days of peace, love, and music in August that year and made history. Make the 20-minute drive from Narrowsburg and feel the spirit of the place for yourself.

3. Narrowsburg Observation Deck

While you’re in Narrowsburg, you should stop at the most scenic spot in town; the observation deck. Located on Main Street, this deck is a great spot for birdwatching, catching the sunrise, or simply taking in the beauty of the Delaware River. 

4. Kayak on the Delaware River

Speaking of the Delaware River – why not rent some kayaks and hit the water? You can enjoy gentle rapids and pleasant weather most of the spring, summer, and fall. Outdoor enthusiasts will love hitting the open water in Upstate New York.

5. Buck Brook Alpacas

If you are traveling with younger kids or you get a kick out of meeting cute, fuzzy alpacas, why not visit the Buck Brook Alpacas farm and take a selfie with one of these gentle creatures? The farm is a lovely, friendly place to spend part of an afternoon and the photos you can get are precious.

6. Maison Bergogne

Finally, one of the more iconic and quirky places to visit in Narrowsburg is Maison Bergogne. This is an antique and furniture shop. The facade is that of a cute cottage, and inside is a collection of untold treasures. Whether you want to buy or simply browse, it is worth a stop at Maison Bergogne.

Maison Bergogne

As you can see, there are many awesome things to do in Narrowsburg, NY. We have suggested the Fort Delaware Museum of Colonial History if you are in town to learn, and Bethel, home of Woodstock, if music history is your passion. For gorgeous views, check out the observation deck, and for fun on the water, give kayaking on the Delaware a go. Head over to Buck Brook Alpacas for a selfie with a gentle alpaca, and visit Maison Bergogne if you are in town for some antique hunting.

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